Yesterday, Tomorrow

Yesterday was Christmas.  Hubby gave me a book (Bossypants, by Tina Fey–unwrapped).  (I guess we both broke the no-presents rule.)  He said the duck was “amazing.”  Still, it didn’t feel like a holiday.  All the skyping with my family had been done the night before.  I played Christmas music, but still couldn’t quite get into the spirit.

Tomorrow is my baseline ultrasound.  I’m hoping for the news that we can progress to the next step this cycle, but I’m not holding my breath.

Yesterday we watched Beginners, and I didn’t cry.  I could have, but I didn’t.

Tomorrow, Hubby wants to see Life of Pi in 3D.  I read the book; he didn’t.  So I know what’s going to happen, but the effects are supposed to be stunning.  Still, I’m not super-excited about it.  I keep telling myself I’m looking forward to seeing the story unfold on the big screen anyway.

Yesterday I ate way too many sweets.

Tomorrow I’ll probably gorge myself on popcorn and soda.  And I don’t care.

Yesterday (or possibly the day before) I managed to pull a muscle in my back, which hurts like hell when I bend or twist in certain ways.

Tomorrow, if it’s not feeling better, maneuvering myself into the stirrups is going to be…interesting.  And probably painful.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Tomorrow I have to suck it up and try to get happy.

Yesterday was possibly (maybe? hopefully?) our last Christmas as a family of two.

Tomorrow could be the beginning of making next Christmas one to look forward to.

As for today, I’ve never been very good at staying in the present.  I’ve started reading a new book (Where’d You Go, Bernadette, by Maria Semple).  Maybe I’ll make a good dent in it while I’m resting my back.  Hubby’s expecting a new Netflix movie, Safety Not Guaranteed, which I really am looking forward to watching.  And I’ve been recording old episodes of Veronica Mars, which they’ve been showing on Soapnet of all places.  So it’ll be a lazy day, which is good, I guess.  I’m telling myself to enjoy the last few days I get to sleep in before I have to start dragging my ass out of bed early on my days off to give myself injections.  God, I hope we get good news tomorrow.

See?  There I go again.  Skipping ahead.  But seriously, a few good thoughts for tomorrow would be greatly appreciated.


11 thoughts on “Yesterday, Tomorrow

  1. Dude, I totally have my fingers and ovaries crossed for you, I hope you get great results and get to go ahead. Also… I loved Bossypants! Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson is a total crackup too. There’s nothing quite like escaping into books…

  2. I’m sending an extra special wish your way that this Christmas was in fact your last as a family of two! That was my wish for years and it finally came true! Lots and lots of love and baby dust to you!!!

  3. I’m so sorry that yesterday didn’t have the right Christmas feeling. As much as I love the holiday (and most holidays) it’s tough to handle it when out expectations for those days aren’t met. I hope you enjoy the new book, and focus on whatever it is that helps you stay positive.

    On a side note my mom REALLY want to go see “Life of Pi” and take me with her… I so could not care less about seeing that movie. I never read the book… just never got caught up in the hype of that story for some reason. *shrug*

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