Happy Thoughts Thursday: It’s On! Edition

So, as you can probably tell from the title, baseline ultrasound went well today.  Dr. T, the other RE in the clinic, did the ultrasound, citing Dr. C’s absence due to vacation, even though last month’s ultrasound was done by a nurse.  Or something.  There are so many faces in our clinic, I’m not exactly sure who she was, but her name’s not on the door, I know that much.  Since he wasn’t familiar with our situation and just glanced at our chart for a few seconds, he asked about what medications my husband has been taking, if he’s still on them, and if they’re working.  (We sure as hell hope so!)  He also asked how old I was, assuring me that he was asking because I look so young.  Ha!  And then when I told him, he said, “Okay, so your eggs are 34 years old.”  Gah!  Don’t remind me.

He did the ultrasound super quick and didn’t seem to have any trouble locating lefty, who usually hides.  He announced the follicle count to the nurse–6-8 on each side–and I asked about the cyst.  No cyst!  Yay!

Apparently, the extra month of birth control did me a world of good.  First of all, I noticed entirely different side effects than I did the first time around: boobs were still big but not sore; I wasn’t starving all the time; I broke out in weird places, like my chest, back, and sides of my neck?  I hoped all of this would bode well for today’s appointment, and I guess it did.

I start meds on Saturday (225 Follistim, 225 Menopur, in case anyone’s dying to know) and go in for my next monitoring appointment Tuesday.  Let’s hope the new year gets off to a great start!


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