A Year in Numbers

This is my 200th post.  In honor of that milestone and the new year, I thought I’d give you a rundown of 2012, numerical style.

0: number of sperm we started out with

306: injections mixed and shot into my husband’s ass by yours truly

7: number of times my husband got intimate with a cup

1: number of back-to-back IUIs

1: number of back-to-back IUIs that failed

850,000/ml: the highest my husband’s sperm count has been, up from

19: the number of sperm–total–he had in April 2012

6: number of encounters I’ve had with the transvag invader

5: number of injections I’ve successfully given myself (+1 more tonight, to round out the year)

22,000+++: dollars we’ve spent on fertility treatments, including Hubby’s meds, labs, my HSG, IUI, and IVF (and, no, I haven’t kept track of the exact amount because it’s way too depressing)

12: number of new poems published on this blog

6: number of those poems inspired by our infertility

20,000: number of views

65: countries from which people have viewed this blog

2: number of interviews Hubby has had

0: number of job offers

Things I can’t count: the connections and friendships I’ve made because of this blog; the number of times I’ve fallen apart and you all have helped put me back together; the times I’ve celebrated with you, mourned with you, been angry with you, laughed with you; the intangible hope I have for the new year–for all of us.


13 thoughts on “A Year in Numbers

    • If Hubby has his way, it’ll be 2! And yes, I’m sure, if we ever get there, we’ll look back and say we’d do it all over again. It’s hard to have that mindset in the middle of it, though.

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