IVF#1, Monitoring Appointment #1: Double your pleasure?

My appointment this morning was quick.  No labs, just a quickie ultrasound with Dr. C.  Turns out, lefty, my shy little underachiever, seems to be responding well.   Dr. C counted at least 3 follicles at 9mm.  Righty, on the other hand, isn’t doing squat.  So Dr. C doubled my dosages of both Follistim and Menopur for today and tomorrow.  If you’re keeping track, that was two days at 225 each, yesterday was 150 each, and today and tomorrow will be 300.  Which means I’m going to run out of Follistim and need to order more.

So far, I haven’t felt much as far as side effects, which may explain the slow progress, as well.  Doubling up, I’m also preparing myself (and Hubby) to be a bloated, hormonal mess.

We also discussed the plan for Hubby, and Dr. C suggested we go ahead and freeze a sample of his swimmers as backup for the big day (at an additional fee, of course).  He’ll also have to give an extra sample the afternoon before retrieval, and up to two samples the day of.  We’re trying to get the very best sperm we can, but it seems like I’m not the only one cringing at the idea of doubling the “fun.”

Back to work tomorrow.  I’m having a hard time psyching myself up for that after having the last 11 days off.  But maybe getting back into my normal routine will keep me from obsessing about my ovaries–at least for 8 hours of my day.  My next monitoring appointment is Thursday, so hopefully we’ll see tons of progress by then.  Like, 1200 IUs worth.


12 thoughts on “IVF#1, Monitoring Appointment #1: Double your pleasure?

  1. Making a baby is a lot of work! Really hoping the increased dose of injectables create lots of big, perfect follies with as little bloat and as few mood swings as possible. Happy New Year!

  2. Ugh. My DH provided an extra frozen sample as well (for the low low price of $425) as the one the morning of the retrieval. Naturally we didn’t need it, but you know if we hadn’t done it we would have.
    Here’s hoping that 1200 grows some fabulous follicles!

    • Thanks, lady. It seems we may have gotten a deal in the freezing department–although, he may have to have another one frozen the day before retrieval…we shall see.

    • Hmmm…I’ll have to remember that. Righty seems to be getting her act together. I’ll have to try some sweet talkin’ to see how far that gets me.

  3. Though returning to work isn’t necessarily something to look forward to, it may indeed be a good distraction for you. Sorry about the all the added costs (meds, freezing, etc). The IVF financial pit of despair. That said, a happy ending is much anticipated.

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