IVF#1, Monitoring Appointment #2 + Infertility Verbal Diarrhea

Two days back at work, and I’m already behind on blog reading.  Good thing the weekend starts tomorrow night, so I can start to catch up.  I wish I could do it at work, and today would have been the perfect day for it, since I ended up with only one home visit all day, and that wasn’t until 3:45 this afternoon.  Which gave me plenty of opportunity to  blab to my coworkers all about our treatment.  I thought to myself, after the original cycle was cancelled because of that cyst, that I’d be hush-hush about this go-round, but apparently that is not the case.  I can’t seem to stop talking about fertility treatments.  It’s its own kind of verbal diarrhea.

I met with a former coworker today, who now lives in LA and was in town for a few days.  When we were emailing back and forth, trying to schedule a time to get together for a chat, I told her I was sorry this IVF cycle was fucking up all our plans, what with the monitoring appointments and having to be home by 7:30 to shoot myself up.  She replied with, “Don’t worry about it.  That’s the best reason!”  Which makes me glad I’ve been so open with so many of my friends.  It’s just one more person wishing us luck.

She’s a couple of years older than me and still single, but she does want a family, and we actually talked a bit about adoption when we met tonight for chai.  She brought it up, saying that her friends had suggested she just get knocked up by one of her online dates.  She prefers adoption to that option.  We talked about the expense and how closely you’re scrutinized–which seems totally unfair given some of the families we’ve both worked with, who are super-fertile despite the fact that they lack the resources to properly care for their children.  It gave me yet another chance to spout off about foster adoption and how–someday–I would really like to do it.  Which led to a whole discussion about how unsettled Hubby and I really are.  Sucks.


I went in for monitoring this morning, and there was already a crowd outside the door of the clinic, all of us waiting for our 8 am appointment.  Righty has started doing something, and Dr. C counted three 8mm follicles on that side.  The three largest on the left were 12mm.  He didn’t say how many follicles total there were on each side, and I didn’t have a good view of the monitor when he was looking at righty, but I saw several on the left side.  I didn’t ask because I’m trying not to get too anxious about this cycle, even though it’s not going according to the tentative schedule stuck to the fridge.  I have a feeling this is going to be a long process, though, because he kept the Follistim and Menopur at 300, which means I needed to order more of both, and the nurse said she’d order at least enough to get through Monday.  Which means more $$ out of my pocket, roughly $300 per injection.  Yikes.

Speaking of $$, Hubby got to drop off his (what I imagine is by now) spermsicle this morning, as well as another $275.  This IVF stuff is adding up fast, on top of the already significant portion of our savings we forked over in November.  I hope we’ll at least get a report on the sperm to see whether we’re still making progress in that area.

I did start the Ganirelix tonight, which, like the Menopur, burns like hell, and, as an added bonus, seems to last even longer.

Next appointment is Saturday.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

14 thoughts on “IVF#1, Monitoring Appointment #2 + Infertility Verbal Diarrhea

  1. I think sharing (for those of us that like to) is a great release. Having that support is like an added (free!!!) med to your treatment. And of course, you have all of US that are rallying behind you. I got my pom-poms out of storage just last night. Ok, who am I kidding- I was never a cheerleader. But I still have my pom-poms out for you.

  2. Oh man, I could go on a tangent about the whole adoption thing and how much work you have to go through to “prove you’re a good parent”.I see kids in our clinic that just make me shake my head. One in particular the mom had 3 kids, all who were horribly behaved – the 4 year old smacked and spit, the 2 year old repeated swear words, and she was pregnant with her 4th.

    • I can’t even tell you how many of those families I’ve had on my caseload over the years. And nobody’s dropping by their house to make sure they’re fit to parent. That’s got to be one of the most frustrating things about wanting to have a family so badly and not being able to do it the old fashioned way. Or maybe that’s my envy speaking.

  3. I end up sharing a lot too. I have officemates who now know more about my uterus than they ever hoped or dreamed they would! But it helps to get the support. Glad to hear ol’ righty has joined the party, sounds like things are moving along pretty well!

    • I finally feel like they are, indeed, moving along. And my coworkers are probably sick of hearing about my ovaries (and Hubby’s sperm, for that matter!).

  4. I am totally the opposite. I keep wanting to tell everyone about IF and IVF then when I get in front of them I clam up. I can’t seem to spit it out. I should just start telling the world.
    I totally forgot about the ganirelex burn. I always feel that shot for hours.

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