IVF#1, Monitoring Appointment #4: How did that happen?

When we got our tentative IVF calendar, we were looking at doing egg retrieval this Wednesday.  After the slow progress and double doses of meds, I thought for sure that would have been pushed back by a day or two.  Apparently, that is not the case.

After receiving my lab results, Dr. C called me yesterday afternoon, saying that my estrogen had “gone up nicely” and that I should take 225 Menopur instead of the 300 I had been taking.  When I went in this morning, he lowered my dosages again, to 150, and said I’d likely trigger tomorrow night.

Holy crap.

He also said my lining looks great.

The bad news is that, when Hubby dropped off his swimmers Thursday morning, the count was only 130,000/ml–much lower than the last SA.  Dr. C sort of brushed this off, saying we only need “like, 10 sperm,” which also indirectly answered my question about how many follicles I have total.  I hope it’s just a fluke and that on the afternoon before retrieval he’ll have rockstar numbers (relatively speaking, of course).

So, we go in again tomorrow, where they will instruct us on the trigger shot.  (Hubby has skipped out on the appointments this weekend, but I told him he has to be at that one.)  Then I have the fun job of figuring out how to jiggle my work schedule around the time I’m going to miss.  I feel bad about cancelling on my families with a very low chance of being able to reschedule this week, but at the same time–WE’RE MAKING A BABY!–so it’s for a really good reason.  Of course, I won’t be telling any of my families that!

24 thoughts on “IVF#1, Monitoring Appointment #4: How did that happen?

  1. His comment about the number of sperm you needed may just have been a general comment. Our doc told us something similar, like he was just throwing a number out there. Either way, 10 follicles is not bad at all – that;s 10 possible embroys! Glad your retrieval didn’t get moved and hope all goes smoothly. Also hoping for rockstar eggs and spermies!

    • I keep intending to ask for an exact count, but I think part of me doesn’t want to know. In an attempt to give up a little control, I may have completely shut down part of my brain. I hope I can figure out how to turn it back on after all of this is over. 😉

  2. That’s great news! I wouldn’t worry about the sperm count…I assume you’re doing ICSI, in which case they’ll pick out the dozen or so rock stars they need to get in there. Also, even if it is “only” ten eggs (which I’d be over the moon about, by the way!), you might get a few more latecomers before retrieval.

    • We are doing ICSI. Hopefully they pick the good ones, but there’s no way for them to know about the DNA fragmentation, which was pretty high for Hubby. That part has me a little freaked out, but there’s nothing I can do about it, so I’m trying soooo hard not to worry about it. And I would be happy with 10 good eggs–but, again, I’m worried about how they’ll fertilize. Better to just be in denial for a few more days, until we start to get some hard stats…?

  3. Just found your blog and look forward to following your journey! Wishing you a very happy healthy and fertile 2013! Sounds like this cycle is getting that off to a great start!

  4. This all sounds great! I agree with the above comment about the doctor’s comment re: needing only 10 sperm probably just being an off the cuff remark. Still, though, 10 eggs would be great! It’s quality, not quantity. From what I’ve read and been told, if you’ve got tons of eggs, the quality can be reduced greatly.

    Fingers crossed for everything to go swimmingly!

    • Thanks! I’m hoping it’ll all turn out well, just worried about fertilization and development because of our sperm issues. More eggs would give us a better chance, but I’ll take what we can get!

  5. How exciting! With your lining looking good, your chances of implantation are pretty good, too. And however many eggs you end up with after the retrieval, you only need two good ones to take! (I say “two” since that’s what your hubby wants. Are you okay with having twins? lol)

    • He does really want twins. I keep reminding him that it’s my body that has to carry them for nine months and that two babies are harder than one–but I’d actually be okay with twins, too. I just hope we get at least 2 good embryos!

  6. You are exactly right- it is for a helluva great reason. Besides, I have a feeling that you are great at doing the jig. Deep breaths m’dear, things are progressing beautifully.

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