IVF#1, Monitoring Appointment #5: Itchy Trigger Finger

Here we go, people.  It’s official.  We’re triggering at 10:30 tonight.  I go in at 9 on Wednesday morning for retrieval.

I’ll say it again: Holy crap.

Dr. C did not do my ultrasound this morning.  Instead, it was my favorite nurse, Holly.  Unlike Dr. C, she measured every single follicle, and as she read out the numbers, Hubby counted 21.  And I breathed a sigh of relief because, even if we don’t have great fertilization/development because of sperm issues, 21 gives us plenty to work with.  We’ll see if we end up with that many on Wednesday.  And hope they’re good ones.

I’ve felt pretty darn good this cycle, considering the massive doses of hormones I’ve been injecting.  I’ve had some bloat/gas, but not any worse than I had right around ovulation when I was on Clomid.  I don’t think I’ve been extremely moody overall, but today, something broke.

I think it started with Hubby trying to get out of giving a second sample the morning of retrieval.  For all the talk of giving ourselves the best possible shot, that line of reasoning (and his stubbornness about it) defies his usual sunny-side-up disposition.  After that, every little thing he did seemed to get under my skin, like stopping for a breakfast sandwich after our appointment when I needed to hurry my ass to work.  I ended up snapping at him, which I’m not proud of.  Can’t I just blame it on the hormones?

As far as work goes, I cancelled or rescheduled all of my appointments for this Wednesday.  I don’t necessarily have to take Thursday off, too.  I’ll just have to wait and see how I feel.  The good news is that my supervisor is very understanding of all of this and even told me today that she used to work as a counselor at a local hospital for 8 years and ran a support group for IVF patients.  I guess I can add her to the list of people who “get it.”

So, for those of you who’ve done this before: Take Thursday off, assuming I’m going to feel like poo, or wait and see?


25 thoughts on “IVF#1, Monitoring Appointment #5: Itchy Trigger Finger

  1. Congrats, 21 is awesome. Hope they all have amazing eggies! Having never done a retrieval, I have no idea but I’d be tempted to say take Thursday off, you could be pretty sore. Plus you deserve a little relaxation after all of this!

  2. I doubt you’ll need to take Thrsday off. I was surprised how close to normal I felt the day after retrieval. Also, 21 is great, but just prep yourself that most people do not get 1 egg from every follicle. IT IS STILL GREAT NEWS: just, don’t let yourself get down if you only get 15 eggs or so.

  3. Yippee!!!! Sounds like you’ve got a lot to work with. Awesome!

    I’m always fine to go back to work the next day. Once the effects of the sedation wear off (around dinner time for me) I’m ready to get back to the real world and be as distracted as possible! I’m usually bloated, but not very sore. I’m in so much pain going in for retrieval I’m noting but relieved when those bad boys come out!

  4. Woohoo!!! That’s a fantastic number of follicules!!! Good job!

    I think a lot of it depends on how you’re feeling. So people feel fine after retrieval, while others need a few days to recover. Assess how you’re feeling tomorrow and make the call after that.

    Oh, one final thing: Get some fiber into your system now. I was amazing at how back up I became following retrieval. And based on a number of blog posts last spring, I learned I wasn’t alone.

  5. I felt fine by the afternoon of retrieval and totally normal the day after. I guess it all depends on the person. You should probably be fine, but maybe have the option to take the day off just in case.

    I agree with the advice for fiber. I had the worst constipation of my life after my first retrieval. It was so painful. I loaded up on fiber before my 2nd and had no problems.

  6. Yay!!!!!! I say take Thursday off. If you feel crappy then you have a day to recover. If you feel good then you get some chill time to relax. Seems like a win-win either way.

  7. 21 is GREAT! Wow! You have some rockstar ovaries there. And yay for triggering! Isn’t that a great feeling, knowing it’s the Last Shot?

    I went to work the day after retrieval. I can’t say it was one of my star-employee days (not that I really have those), but I was there and sufficiently aware of my surroundings to make it pretty much a normal work day. You’ll be physically fine — whether or not to take the day off will be mostly down to the emotional fallout, and how draining you think going to work will be.

  8. If you don’t want to use up too many days, I would say go back to work the day after retrieval, a d rather take a day extra off after embryo transfer. Sounding really positive!

  9. I have never had a retrieval but I have had anaesthetic before and I say take a day off. This journey is hard enough without exhausting yourself. Give it to yourself as a present and put your feel up.

  10. I just wanted to drop in and say that you are in my thoughts and prayers…oh and I say take Thursday off… you deserve a break and some well deserved rest and relaxation.

  11. See, I knew you were good at doing the jig! Take the time you need + a little extra for your sanity. If that is taking an extra day to relax, do that. If it is heading back to work for the distraction it brings, do that. I have no worries that you will choose to do the right thing for YOU.

  12. 21, KUNG POW! Nice job, lady! So many eggies to play with–great, great news. I would definitely recommend taking Thursday off, especially with that many eggs being retrieved. I felt pretty awful after my retrieval of many eggs–it hurt a lot to walk.

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way for Wednesday. It’s going to be AWESOME!!

  13. Good luck!! I also had 21 eggs taken out at retrieval. I have high hopes for you! I was fine the day after retrieval and didn’t need the day off but if it makes you feel better, take it off! You will need two days off for the transfer too!

  14. Wow! Those are great numbers, lady! Good luck for Wednesday… and, I know everyone’s different, but I generally had retrievals done on Friday and definitely needed the weekend to recover. Who knows, you might be good to go right away 🙂

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