The Waiting

Is killing me.

Not actually the waiting so much as the not-knowing.  I have no idea how our embryos are doing.

Apparently, when you plan to do a 5- or 6-day transfer, our clinic doesn’t give any updates on day 3.  They check to make sure at least some of the embryos are still dividing, but I have no clue how many of them are still going.

I can only hope that on Monday someone will be able to tell me how many were biopsied.

On the plus side, I survived my first PIO (progesterone in oil) injection, and it wasn’t so bad.  It’s sore, though, and I’m sure in a few days, I won’t be able to move without one or both of my cheeks hurting.

Tomorrow morning, my friend Sincerity and I are planning to take a walk and get breakfast/brunch/lunch.  I could use some physical activity, and I’m hoping it’ll help relieve some of the gas/bloating as well as the tender tush.  Plus, I haven’t seen her since before the holidays, so I’m looking forward to catching up.  Maybe even talking about something other than my reproductive system for once.


26 thoughts on “The Waiting

  1. The wait is the worst. But no news on day 3 must mean there are still enough growing well that they’re confident for a day 5 transfer! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    • We were holding our breath until after 8 am yesterday, which is when they would have called for an emergency 3-day transfer. That must be good news, but not knowing is still driving me crazy!

  2. Congrats on surviving the first pio injection! You are so smart to schedule a walking and lunch date during that time. I am going to have to copy you and do the same! Our clinic also does not give us embroil updates while we are waiting so I will be going crazy too! Wishing you good luck on this cycle!

  3. I’m in the “no news is good news” camp as well. But I know I’d be going crazy too, the best thing is to try and keep yourself as busy as possible. Thinking of you lots!

    • Thanks, Aramis. I just wish I had some idea about how they’re doing. I’ve come to the conclusion that my clinic knows I’ll over-analyze every detail, so they’re just not giving me any!

  4. I can imagine how hard that wait is. Any way you can call and ask about the status of your embryos, at least on Monday, if they don’t call you? You deserve to know! Hang in there, friend.

    • I called yesterday morning. They said they checked on them but didn’t have any specific information. By tomorrow morning, they should have biopsied the ones that made it to blastocyst, so I should be able to get at least a number of how many are going to be sent off for genetic screening. I hope it’s a good number, but at this point, I don’t even know what a “good” number would be.

  5. Break into the lab and look at them for yourself. hmmm actually short of identifying what a microscope is, you probably wouldn’t know what you were looking for. Okay scrap that idea and just wait. I have my fingers and ovaries crossed for you, lady.

    • Thank you! At least we didn’t end up doing a 3-day transfer yesterday–that would have meant they weren’t doing so hot. But a lot can happen in two days, and the possibilities are having a field day in my head!

  6. Great news to come back to! To have ten embryos to start working with is really great. I would go mad not hearing anything until day 5, but then again, if you haven’t heard anything they should still be growing, right. And tomorrow it is Monday already. Best of luck.

    • Thanks, Mel! We had a great time, as we always do. And it ate up several hours of not worrying about how our embryos are doing. Just a little while longer…

  7. I know how hard the waiting is. It’s nerve wrecking. Good luck on Monday. I agree with Theresa, no news is good news.

  8. I hope the days fly by fast and its a great report. I know I haven’t commented much lately (its been a little crazy in my world lately), but each day I take a moment and send positive thoughts to everyone I care about who needs it. You’ve been on my list each day and I’ve been hoping for nothing but positive results and reports. Love and hugs! Keep us posted!

  9. Here holding my breath with you. Nothing will take away the angst, but distracting yourself (as annoying as that advice is) will help to keep the edge off. Thinking very fertile thoughts for you.

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