Day 6

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your words of support and encouragement yesterday.  I really needed them.

We got the call this morning, after another night of both of us tossing and turning.  Three blasts, possibly a fourth on the way.  They will be biopsied and frozen.  I am to stop the progesterone and wait for a period so I can go back on birth control.  Again.  We have a follow-up appointment scheduled with Dr. C in two weeks to get the results of the genetic screening.

This is good news.  I have to keep reminding myself of that.  I had envisioned this cycle going differently–I was supposed to be PUPO by this afternoon–but I know too well that plans rarely work out the way we think they should.

I’m sad for what today should have been.  I’m anxious to get the results of the genetic screening.  I’m disappointed we have to wait another month for transfer.

But I’ll be okay.  This isn’t over yet.

35 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Bittersweet news for sure. I know you were hopin to be PUPO, BUT the fact you have embryos AND are able to move forward with PGD is good news. So, hold on to that. And know that I’m hopin for you.

  2. Definitely not over! This is the best possible news, given yesterday’s less-than-stellar news, and that’s something to celebrate. I know it’s a disappointment, though, and I’m so sorry for that. Hang in there. We’re all still hoping for you and cheering you on!

    • Thank you, Cassie. I’m trying to hang onto that hope, but I don’t think I’ll really have a good hold on it until we get the report from the genetic screening.

  3. This is great news and I’m so thrilled that you have 3, maybe 4, blasts! I know the extra month sucks, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a month and well worth it if the screening is important to you (which it sounds like it is). But I understand your sadness in the delay.

    • I’m trying to think positive thoughts, but I’m still so worried something could happen between now and when we finally get to do a transfer. It’s all just so nerve wracking!

  4. I missed your post yesterday – but totally understand being pissed and frustrated. At least now you’ll be able to transfer the best genetic embryos, even though it means waiting another month. Fingers crossed for the 4th one to keep growing!!!

  5. Great news! I’ve maintained that the waiting is the worst part of IF. The interminable wait. I hope this next month flies by and you are PUPO before we know it.

    • I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but waiting for the last year and a half. Enough, already! I’ll be really happy when this part of the wait is over. (Hopefully, I’ll have a whole new kind of waiting after that!)

  6. Focus on the positive – you have embryos! I personally think this is the best possible outcome. Lots of REs these days are actually doing this protocol of stimming to get embryos, then freezing them for a month, and transferring after a suppression period. For me, my fresh cycle was a bust but frozen worked. I’ve seen this countless times with others. So there is still so much hope! And as others have said, on top of all that, you know you’ll be transferring the best ones genetically, which only furthers your chances for success. I know how another month can feel like a lifetime! But this will hopefully all be worth it very soon.

  7. I’m sorry you have to wait even longer. I really hope your (forced) patience pays off huge in the end. I know a month or two feels like such a long time…I’ll be thinking about you!

  8. Hopefully this is the beginning of everything you wish for. The waiting is hard but as someone said to me – time won’t stop no matter how long a day or week feel.

  9. this seems like a good result, even if not the one you were first hoping for. I hate for you that you have to wait even longer but hopefully it’ll all be over soon!

  10. Sounds like all the hard work is done, and next month you can kick back and go with the transfer knowing that the embryos are ready to go… that’s gotta be good for stress levels.

  11. I think you just really need to focus on the positive side of this, which is you have frozen embryos! That’s great news and even though you have to wait to try them on for size, you definitely want to give them the best possible chance at success. But yeah, more waiting…big fat ugh to that.

    • It’s so easy for me to be optimistic for other people, but really, really hard to do it for myself. I appreciate others trying to do it for me! I’m still convinced about a million things could go wrong between now and transfer, which is why I was so ready to get it done. Oh, well. Nothing I can do about it but continue to wait.

  12. How strange that with all of the delays (yours and mine) we may end up cycling at the same time after all. 3-4 sounds great. When do you get the PGD results back? Hopefully they’re all normal and healthy.

    • I thought of that, too! Here’s hoping we both grow big, fat bellies together!

      We won’t get the results for a couple of weeks, which seems kind of silly, considering if we’d done the screening yesterday, we would have had the results today. Whatever. Just more damn waiting.

  13. You got blasts! You know they made it there! Honestly, if you had gone ahead and move to PUPOness, you’d probably be worried about whether they had arrested or not. Now you know they’re hubby-like little embies. The waiting must be agony, though. Hang in. Thinking good thoughts for you guys.

    • Oh, I definitely would be worried, but I’m worried anyway! It’s just who I am. Thanks for the good thoughts. I’ll be collecting them and wrapping myself up in them like a blankie.

  14. Oh man. The waiting just keeps dragging on, huh? I am sending good thoughts and hope for all healthy embryos and a BFP when you FINALLY get to do that transfer! Hang in there.

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