Crampy von Bitchington

Yep, that’s me.

Hubby and I had sex on Saturday night (for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long and the last time until who-knows-when), and I’ve been having cramps ever since.  I’m afraid I was right about this being the mother of all periods.  Yesterday was CD1, and I go back on birth control tomorrow morning.  For the third time in as many months.  Wait, aren’t we trying to make a baby here?

I gave Hubby his injections tonight.  Poor thing, he’s so tired of them, and who can blame him?  He’s been a pin cushion for well over a year.

We finally get to meet with Dr. C and our IVF FET coordinator next Wednesday to see how our embryos fared and get this transfer scheduled.  I am so ready.

But you wouldn’t know it by the way I’ve been acting lately.  The cramps, bloating, moodiness, fatigue.  I’m a walking Midol commercial.  I came home early from work today and proceeded to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the afternoon.  I just want all of this to be over.

Soon.  That’s what I keep telling myself.  (But I’ve been telling myself that since I started this blog.  It’s even the acronym for the name of it.)

But even soon can’t get here fast enough.


11 thoughts on “Crampy von Bitchington

  1. I’m awarding you with the “Blog Post Title of the Month” award. It’s only January, or I’d go for the whole year. Hang in there – “soon” will be here one day, no matter how far away it may seem. I just wish so much for you that it were already here!

  2. Love the Crampy Von Bitchington. It’s like your porn name…except it’s your infertility name! We have to make a game of this somehow. I want to be Dame Ova of Fallopian Manor. Yeah that’s right, I’m aristocracy.

    Seriously though, I hope this cycle ends soon and you’re on your way to your FET.

  3. *hugs* I hate that the biggest thing to IF is nothing but waiting. Waiting for CD1’s, waiting for meds, waiting for the meds to work, waiting for tests, waiting for results, the TWW’s. Add PMS and Aunt Flo and its no wonder we come up with (awesome!) yet descriptive names for our hormone induced bad moods. I wish I could do something to make it easier. But you are one step closer and you have a bunch of people rooting you on and ready to talk you through anything and everything whenever you need it. Take that and some chocolate/liquor/other bad indulgence and push yourself through the bad days. ❤

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