2-Hour Delay

Things I could have gotten done during my two-hour the-city-I-live-in-is-full-of-wimpy-drivers-who-don’t-know-how-to-maneuver-in-an-inch-of-snow delay before I have to head to work: ♦ write a poem for my writing group, which is meeting this Saturday ♦ narrow down what I’d like to discuss during my first “real” therapy session this afternoon (apparently last week’s getting-to-know-you session didn’t count) ♦ snuggle with Hubby […]

What’s so great about flying by the seat of your pants, anyway?

Thanks, everyone, for your helpful suggestions.  I was able to get myself moving a bit, starting in the bathroom, the smallest room in the house.  Once I got going and was feeling motivated, I was even able to do a little yoga, something I’ve been having a hard time making myself do since our crowded […]

Start Somewhere

I have family coming to town in three weeks.  And while they’re not staying at my house, they will, at some point, set foot inside it, so I’ve been stressed about cleaning.  It’s not that my house is dirty messy (okay, maybe a little), more cluttered messy because we have too much stuff and not […]


Okay, so my last post may have been a bit hasty in all its woe-is-me-ness.  After that dismal initial frozen sample, the second one was 110,000.  When we went to the clinic for my baseline ultrasound today, Hubby asked for the results of yesterday’s sample.  The nurse had to do a little hunting, but she […]

My Voice

A full two weeks of my body oscillating between trying to get sick and valiantly fighting off the plague has culminated in two days (so far) of laryngitis.  As my job consists of a lot of one-on-one conversation, this also means I’ve been staying home trying to rest and recover my voice. And it got me thinking. […]

Liebster: Take Two

I’ve received three Liebster nominations in the last few weeks, and I’ve been such a shit blogger, I haven’t wanted to respond to any of them.  But the past couple of days I’ve been in better place mentally/emotionally, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to answer some questions.  It seems like I just […]