Okay, so my last post may have been a bit hasty in all its woe-is-me-ness.  After that dismal initial frozen sample, the second one was 110,000.  When we went to the clinic for my baseline ultrasound today, Hubby asked for the results of yesterday’s sample.  The nurse had to do a little hunting, but she got it for us.

It was the first time ever we saw anything but a zero to the left of the decimal point.  1.4 million/ml.  Hubby’s balls haven’t given up!  They just needed four whole days to increase the supply.  I realize this is still well below normal.  That, for any other man, this would be doomsday-level news.  But for us?  It’s cause to celebrate!

And that wasn’t the only good news from today’s appointment.  I spent all night tossing and turning, worried that there would be another cyst or some other problem that would push us back again, but no.  My lining was a nice, thin 3 mm, and both ovaries are resting, as they should.  I’ll halve my Lupron dosage starting tomorrow and begin decorating my belly with estrogen patches on Sunday.  Yippee.

Today may be the first time we’ve gotten 100% good news from the clinic.  Party at my house tonight!

15 thoughts on “1.4

  1. Yay for good news! I currently have my hips decorated with estrogen patches. I almost think they are worse than injections. It hurts like help ripping them off. ugh.

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