2-Hour Delay

Things I could have gotten done during my two-hour the-city-I-live-in-is-full-of-wimpy-drivers-who-don’t-know-how-to-maneuver-in-an-inch-of-snow delay before I have to head to work:

♦ write a poem for my writing group, which is meeting this Saturday
♦ narrow down what I’d like to discuss during my first “real” therapy session this afternoon (apparently last week’s getting-to-know-you session didn’t count)
♦ snuggle with Hubby while we’re both home with nothing to do
♦ enjoy a lazy morning of blog reading and commenting with my cup of decaf coffee

Things I actually got done:

♦ sleep an extra hour
♦ switch out one Vivelle patch for two
♦ call one of my families to remind them of the snow delay and cancel our visit
♦ write a lazy, bullet-filled blog post

Oh, and let my coffee get cold while doing it.  Bummer.


11 thoughts on “2-Hour Delay

  1. I get such a hoot out of people who can’t drive in snow. You’d think being in Canada, everyone here would be used to it by now, but some people just seem to forget that for three or four months out of each year, rain is going to freeze and white stuff is going to fall from the sky. Total panic!

  2. Sorry dude but I’m one of those ones who wouldn’t know how to drive in snow. I would get stuck on the freeway and call the emergency services and ask them if I stand on the roof of my car could they please chopper me to work. I’d also give them money to hover over Starbucks and repel down and up again to grab me a gingerbread latte. i’d shout them one too.

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