Something to look forward to?

In the hopeful days, when Hubby was applying for job after job and awaiting deadline after deadline, I used to come home from work and ask him the same question.  After months and months of nothing, I eventually stopped asking because the answer was never good.

This afternoon, when I came home, Hubby asked, “What was that question you used to ask me?”

Me:  Was today the day?

Hubby:  Yes!  I have an interview!!

And not just any interview.  It’s for a post-doc at an Ivy League university, which could be not only a decent start, but a major boost to his career.  And on top of that, it’s in a state that mandates insurance coverage for fertility treatment, which could be huge for us.  He’s waiting for an email reply to schedule the interview for sometime Thursday or Friday.

I know it’s just one interview, and nowhere near the final step in what could be an arduous process, but it’s the best news we’ve had in a long, long time.  All positive thoughts and vibes headed our direction are greatly appreciated!

In other news, we have an appointment with Dr. C on Wednesday to discuss what (if anything) went wrong this cycle and how we can (hopefully) fix it for next time.  Whenever that might be.


19 thoughts on “Something to look forward to?

  1. I feel like we have so much in common. DH has the same condition, and I’m an underemployed PhD. 😦 So, you are getting some seriously strong vibes of support from me!

  2. I’ve been away and still catching up on all my commenting, but you’ve been in my thoughts all last week. I’m so so excited to hear this news for you guys! Soo many positive vibes are coming your way from England!!

  3. Yes, this is really good news. Best of luck for Hubby with the interview! And I hope you can get some answers or at least have a good talk with your Dr. tomorrow.

  4. Hey congratulations! I know all too well how dreadful the academic market is, and how tiring it gets asking the same question night after night. I have EVERYTHING crossed for your husband!

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