The Good

This weekend wasn’t all wallowing and reliving the loss of my mother (although there was enough of that).  There were some moments that were good, that made me smile, and occasionally even laugh.

All of your kind words and virtual hugs helped me make it through a difficult day.  I don’t know that words exist to thank you properly, but every one of those hugs is headed right back to you.

I finally called my dad and had a really good talk with him.  He was telling me about how one of the local TV stations where he lives highlights children in foster care who are waiting to be adopted.  I explained to him that this was something I’d actually like to do, but that even if Hubby were on board (which he’s not…yet), we’re not settled enough to be considered for any kind of adoption right now.  It’s nice to know he’s thinking of us, though, and open to welcoming a child into our family, however it gets here.

Even though I cried, talking to my sister on the phone was also really cathartic.  I got to explain to her why I was so hurt by my former friend’s pregnancy announcement, of which she had not yet heard the details.  I told her that what hurt the most was that D hadn’t seemed to put any thought into the best way to tell me and just threw it in at the end of our conversation without taking my feelings into consideration at all.  Which is pretty typical for her, I guess.  We also talked about her plans to turn her balcony into a sanctuary.

Hubby and I watched 21 Jump Street Saturday night, just as I was wiping tears from my eyes while trying to write my last post.  His review:  That was a silly movie.  Mine:  Yeah, but at least it made me laugh instead of cry.

We also got “intimate” for the first time in quite a while.  And I didn’t cry then, either, which is an accomplishment in itself.

And then today, the bombings in Boston have left a new–yet all-too-familiar–sadness in my heart.  My thoughts are with the injured, the dead, and their families.  Thank goodness for those who, in the midst of the chaos and fear, rushed to the aid of others.

8 thoughts on “The Good

  1. I too cry during sex sometimes these days. It sucks how much gets stolen from us.

    I know no one wants to be called ‘brave’ in these moments, but you are. Keep seeing the good where you can, hold onto it. I’m glad your family is a source of support and comfort. I’m glad you’re laughing. The hugs and warm thoughts are continuing to flow towards you my friend.

  2. Ah, those little happy moments are a good sign. You have had such a tough time, lady, but you have worked hard through it and are starting to get your happy moments in return. Sounds like a good chat with your dad, too.

  3. I’m glad to hear you had those little moments. They really shine through in a tough time, don’t they? It’s nice to hear that your dad is thinking of you too.

  4. I’m so glad that you have been able to focus on those things, big and small, that have been good. I hope that in this difficult time for you, you will be able to keep a focus on them. That makes a huge difference!

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