I had to take Cat to the vet the other day.  Poor thing had an ingrown claw.  It didn’t seem to bother her, which is perhaps why it took so long for me to realize it was a problem.  Both my cats have been healthy, so they haven’t spent much time at the vet’s office.  Cat was more freaked out by being in a strange place–and without her sister–than anything else.  After a little too much attention, she actually sought out the cat carrier–which she had loudly protested having to spend the car ride down the street trapped inside–and hide out there for a while.  But everyone who saw her that morning told me what a champ she was about the whole thing.  And when the vet showed me what she’d pulled out of Cat’s pad and the hole that it had left, I was even more impressed by her chill attitude.  Hubby and I had to tag-team her to force the first of many doses of antibiotics down her throat when we got back home, but by the the afternoon, she was chipper and energetic.


The aftermath of this week’s tragic events at the Boston Marathon remind all of us how resilient we are as a nation.  How we all come together during times of unimaginable heartbreak.  How we lift each other up.  Like all the flags that appeared everywhere after 9/11, or the spontaneous, thousands-strong rendition of the national anthem before a hockey game.

I’m sure it’s a reminder that takes a little longer to sink in for those who are directly affected, who have lost a limb or loved one to the violence.  To the families of Newtown who were supposed to be remembered during this race.  But it comes eventually.  The alternative is to become consumed by anger, fear, grief, and pain.


My own battle to come back to life after our failed FET (which falls closer to the ingrown claw on the spectrum of tragedy) has been a slow climb.  I’m still climbing.  And some days I slip.  But all of you have helped to remind me how resilient I can be.  Because you’ve been there, too.  And you’ve bounced back.  Maybe not the same person you were before.  Maybe even a little stronger, having faced the shit storm and survived.


5 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. Although I wish you didn’t have to exerience times like this that prove it, you’re strong. You’re a fighter. You’ll go on and you’ll be happy, and sometimes you’ll be sad, because what would life be without all of it? It’s ok to feel both at once. Keep looking up as you climb Daryl; if you stumble we’ll be here to steady you in whatever way we can!

  2. Love this post! We are resilient, even though we don’t always feel that way. It’s Ok to slip, and even fall- it just makes accomplishing our goals that much sweeter. Hang in there…

  3. Oh poor Cat!! I’m so glad you were able to resolve the situation and that’s she’s on the road to recovery, but it’s an amazing reminder of how resilent one can be during a time of pain. With every moment of trauma and failure, it takes some time to heal. Often more time than any of us think is necessary. So, be kind to yourself. Remind yourself of that as you are giving Cat her antibiotics (I’m willing to bet she’s thinking “it’s over, why am I still being tortured?”) as sometimes we don’t realize that we still need to recover.

    Hang in there.

  4. I always look at animals that have disabilities (lost limb, etc) that just keep chugging along, not feeling sorry for themselves, and think that it would be so amazing if we as humans could be like that. But then again, I’d have to lick my own butt. Jokes aside, I’ll take being human with my ups and downs instead. You’re right about resilience…learning that you have it and have come out stronger is important.

  5. Damn straight you’re resilient. I wish that you didn’t have to be so resilient…that none of us infertiles did…but that’s another post.

    Also, so glad Cat is healing up. Ouch! Poor dear.

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