Safe and Sound

Thanks for all of your well-wishes for a safe trip.  I survived my first solo trip abroad in one piece.  Hubby picked me up from the airport, as happy to see me as I was to see him (running toward him dragging a 35-pound suitcase–super attractive after a full 24 hours spent in airports/giant metal […]


I saw my sweet husband’s face for the last time this afternoon–until, that is, we’re reunited in his home country on Friday.  I already miss his face.  Even if it is blurry and pixelated.  He left last Wednesday, and because of the 24-hour trip, the nine time zones between us, and the fact that I […]

Happy Thoughts Thursday: We are stronger than we think

Yesterday, I attended a training for work.  The topic was infant mental health, and this particular training focused on trauma.  Specifically, trauma experienced by mothers and how that affects their relationships and attachment with their babies.  As an introduction, the presenter showed us this film.  I’m going to give you the warning the presenter did […]

My Post-IVF Body

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you! to everyone who offered to send me your leftover meds.  I appreciate the generosity of this community more than I can say.  The foreign doctor has apparently had a change of heart and is willing to at least give us an appointment, so we’ll see if […]

A Few Things

So, a bit of a hiccup in the plan to get meds cheap in Hubby’s home country.  He contacted an RE there, but was told he wouldn’t write us prescriptions based on what our RE here had given us.  Basically, unless we’re his patients, he can’t help us.  And apparently, no one else will either, […]

“How was your Mama’s Day?”

A grandparent asked me this at a home visit yesterday.  I quickly mulled over possible responses (Well, my mom’s dead, and despite thousands of dollars and the most invasive reproductive technology available, I can’t have a baby…so, yeah, it was awesome) before responding with a lame, “It was fine,” and quickly changing the subject to […]


Y’all are way too kind. The comments on my last post were totally undeserved.  It’s not courage that led me to pick up the phone and grit my teeth through a stilted conversation with my former friend.  It’s my spineless fear of confrontation. But it’s coming.  I feel like it has to.  If she’s going […]