All Aboard the IVF Crazy Train

And so it begins.  Again.

We have a plan.  Right now, it’s only a plan, as we still have no money, but it’s better than floundering without one.

I called Dr. C’s office today.  I let him know that we were hoping to go to Hubby’s home country for a couple of weeks and come back with enough money to try again.  He made some silly joke asking if he could go to [X country] and come home with money, too.  Then we got down to business.

Back when we had our WTF appointment with him at the end of March, he offered to give us a discount if we wanted to try again.  Today, I let him know that we had looked into the discount offered by the financing company and wanted to see how his compared.  I told him that I was expecting to start my period while we were out of the country but that I still had more than enough BCPs to get me through the trip.  He hooked me up with the financial lady and the IVF nurse, both of whom called me back later in the day.  He also recommended (off the record–“because it’s illegal”) that we stock up on meds while we’re in a country where they’re considerably cheaper than they are here.  He also called me “hon,” which was almost as weird as when he hugged me after the last appointment.  (Believe me, of the two RE’s in that office, he doesn’t come across as the touchy-feely one.)

I spoke to the financial lady just after noon.  She had left me a voicemail while I was in the middle of a home visit, and I had to call her back.  I was actually shocked she answered because I thought she’d be at lunch.  She gave me the rundown of the numbers, and Dr. C’s offer was better than what we could get from the financing place, considering we’re only planning on one more fresh cycle and possibly one frozen if that doesn’t take.  Who knows where we’ll be this fall, and if I’m still not pregnant at that point, we may luck out and end up somewhere where IVF is more affordable.

Later, the IVF nurse called me just as I was leaving a cancelled-after-I’d-already-arrived-at-your-house-so-thanks-for-the-heads-up-and-good-thing-I-get-reimbursed-for-mileage home visit.  I relayed the dates I thought I’d be getting my period and starting BCPs, and she said we’d be looking at doing the retrieval the week of July 7.  We’re also planning to do the transfer on day 3, without genetic screening, and screen whatever we have left to freeze on day 5/6.  This was something I brought up with Dr. C at the WTF because our embryos didn’t seem to fare so well in the lab.

I had therapy this afternoon and–for the first time ever–made it through the whole session without crying once.  Not even choking up.  Dr. N said this was all very hopeful news and I should feel really good about it.  Like I needed her to tell me that.  But I’m glad she agrees.  It was a nice change of pace to be talking about the future, rather than the past, that’s for sure.

When I told Hubby all of this, his first response was, “Well, I’ll be teaching a class every morning.  I’m not sure I can go with you for the retrieval.”  Total bummer, but the truth is it doesn’t really matter if he goes with me that day.  His body is no longer producing swimmers at this point.  Everything we have is on ice.  He doesn’t even have to be in the same ZIP code to contribute.

So that’s where we are.  Hopefully we get the money we need and actually get to follow through with our plans.  I’m not as naive as I was the first time around, though.  I’m prepared to have things delayed.  I’m almost expecting it.

But I’m ready.

20 thoughts on “All Aboard the IVF Crazy Train

  1. This update makes me smile! I’m so happy that you guys have a plan! Your new energy and positivity is really shining through in this post. Congrats on taking things into your own hands and moving forward! Seems like you have an awesome RE too!

  2. So excited for you that you have a plan. It must feel good to be moving forward and doing something. I will keep my fingers crossed and send good thoughts throughout the whole process.

    p.s. I was wondering what your job is? I also have to do home visits sometimes and I hate showing up and the family isn’t home. I, unfortunately, can’t bill for mileage unless I have some face-to-face time.

  3. To have a plan feels so much better. So glad to hear this, and July isn’t so far away even though I know it must feel that way. Hope you can enjoy the trip and some time off together.

    • Actually, I have a feeling it’s going to be here before I know it. Almost half of the wait time (post CD1) will be spent on vacation, which is a good distraction!

  4. Oh, it’s so nice to have a plan, isn’t it? What a good one at that. I know lots of docs recommend the 5 or 6 day transfer, but I’m a big fan of the 3 day in certain situations, like yours

  5. Sounds like you have a good plan in place and the doc and nurse are really routing for you. I’m glad. I’m sending tons of prayers and positive energy your way.

    by the way, so funny – totally know what you mean “cancel after I already arrived”. Are you a home care nurse?

    • No, I work in early intervention (birth to three), which consists mostly of home visiting. So lots of cancellations for plenty of good reasons, like illness or doctor appointment, but lots of not-so-good reasons, too, like “It’s not a good time,” or “I forgot you were coming today.”

  6. Love this plan! Looking forward is all about hope while looking back is all about regret. I’m so glad you’re able to do the former and I so hope that this plan really comes to be. Hugs!

  7. This sounds like a fantastic plan! Not only does it sound like everyone is on board, but it’s well thought through and involves everyone involved optimizing this cycle to the best of their ability. Travel safe, rest up and may July come quickly.

  8. I like our plan! I also like that you are going to be able to travel to a locale with cheaper medication. Great news. I hope your time away flies by and you are in the midst of a retrieval before you know it.

  9. This is such great news. I knew you would figure things out! Obviously there’s still a lot to go through but having a plan is half the battle, IMHO.

  10. Having a plan is a good thing. Once that structure is in place, you can fill in the details … like the funding. Sigh. I hope your trip to hubby’s homeland is both enjoyable and fruitful and that all the pieces fall together soon.

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