A Few Things

So, a bit of a hiccup in the plan to get meds cheap in Hubby’s home country.  He contacted an RE there, but was told he wouldn’t write us prescriptions based on what our RE here had given us.  Basically, unless we’re his patients, he can’t help us.  And apparently, no one else will either, due to the questionable legality of the whole thing.  So plan B (already!) is to look for other sources for cheap meds.

Has anyone used ivfmeds.com to get their medications for IVF?  I’m looking into it, but I’d love to hear your experiences.

Any other suggestions?

Hubby leaves this week for our overseas adventure.  But first, he has an interview (via Skype) on Tuesday morning.  Any and all happy job-getting thoughts you could send his way would be greatly appreciated.  He also has another interview scheduled in his homeland a couple of days before I arrive, and possibly a third interview there as well.  It’s going to be an eventful trip.  Hopefully we’ll also get some rest and relaxation thrown in there somewhere.

Speaking of, time for me to hit the sack.  This weekend went by way too fast.  Which (I hope) means this round of IVF will be here before we know it.


19 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. you should make a little IVF countdown calendar with a little chocolate to eat every morning. Or just buy a block of chocolate and eat the lot in one go. Totally your choice. Good job hunting luck too! I hear eating chocolate brings good luck. And another block to celebrate when he gets one of the jobs.

  2. I have two vials of Luveris, if those can help. Otherwise, is it possible to get your RE to get you a “referral” to an RE out-of-country? I don’t think there’s anything illegal about it. You’d be buying prescription drugs where they are cheaper and bringing them home. Like me to the US for cross-border outlet shopping! Maybe if it is done RE to RE, you’d have more luck…that way the foreign RE knows that you are actually a patient and aren’t just buying drugs to re-sell them yourselves or something.

  3. I’ve used ivfmeds.com on one or two of my 8 IVF’s. It worked fine. Got to chat with nice lady with British accent. I do remember my mess came in glass bottles that I had to break the top off instead of poke a syringe into. My DH wound up taking point on that because I cut my hand a couple times on broken glass. So bizarre to keep it that way! But it did save money! We switched RE’s after that and had to use a different pharmacy. Let me know if you have any other questions! staceymorris811 at gmail.

    • Thanks so much for the info! I’ve used the glass vials before and had to work out a system where I used a paper towel to open them because I cut my thumb the first time. I eventually became a bit of a pro, though, so if they come that way, no big deal.

  4. You can get a special little plastic thing that goes over the top of the glass vial to help open without cutting yourself. I was only given one for my last 2 cycles and cut myself too in my 1st 2.

  5. Which meds are you using? I live in IL where meds are covered by insurance, so lately I’ve been playing matchmaker with people who need meds, and some of my IF girls who have extra.

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