I saw my sweet husband’s face for the last time this afternoon–until, that is, we’re reunited in his home country on Friday.  I already miss his face.  Even if it is blurry and pixelated.  He left last Wednesday, and because of the 24-hour trip, the nine time zones between us, and the fact that I have to work for a living, I didn’t get to skype with him until Friday.  Then again Saturday, Sunday, and today.  Tomorrow it’s back to work and no more seeing his face until he picks me up at the airport.  So, boo.

I’ve also been missing my dad and sister.  Zappa passed out last week while preparing to do yoga.  And then proceeded to finish her workout and go to work.  When she finally went to the doctor, they took some blood and some pee, did an in-office EKG, and ruled out strep.  Zappa hasn’t gotten the results of the other tests yet.  My dad drove up and stayed with her for the weekend.  He’s worried about her–perhaps disproportionately so–because of the plethora of health issues my mom had before she died.  She still feels wobbly and dizzy, but insists on trying not to think about it too much and see if that doesn’t make her feel better.  This is how my family deals with illness.  She hopes it’s something easily treatable, like anemia or a virus that will just run its course.  I hope so, too.  Anyway, I wish I could be there to help distract her.

Now I know how Hubby feels being so far away from his family, especially with his dad’s health problems.  He also feels guilty about not being around and his brother having to take care of everything.  For that reason, I kind of hope the interview he has this Thursday goes really, really well.  (And then the selfish part of me kicks in and hopes he gets something much, much closer to my own family.)

Unfortunately, there’s no solution that lets us have both.  And that really sucks.

10 thoughts on “Missing

  1. I’m so sorry that you can’t have the best of both worlds — being close to your family and to your hubby’s. But I hope whatever happens, it’s the perfect answer for both of you. And I know it’s hard to be away from the one you love for any amount of time, but the more you miss him, the sweeter the reunion will be. 🙂 Wishing you safe travels later this week!

  2. Having to compromise is so tough. Hopefully you can find some way to have a little piece of what each of you want, though I can see how tough that is. Have an awesome and safe trip!

  3. DH’s family lives 81/2 time zones away. He travels to be with them every winter and summer. I can’t always come along. It is tough! You will have a very sweet reunion.

  4. I know how it is to miss your hubby when he’s away. And even more so, I know what it is like to miss family when they are half a world a way. I’ve been living it for almost 14 years now. The worst is when some event (wedding, death, birthday) happens and you can’t be there. I hope your hubby gets a job and the two of you are able to find something that works for you both.

  5. It’s an added challenge for a marriage when you have to juggle between two sets of in-laws on different continents – I know of what you speak! I hope your sister’s incident was just a one off and she’s soon on the mend.

    Best of luck to your hubby for Thursday and have a wonderful trip!

  6. M and I are in the same boat. We’re close to his family, and half a country away from mine. It sucks either way. I hope your sis is ok!

  7. I hear you … being so far away from my family is my own biggest heartache. I’ve been lucky to have had several extended stays with them over the last couple of years (one-two month stretches), but nothing beats being just around the corner and able to pop in for a quick cup of tea. Sigh.

    Wishing you a wonderful reunion with your hubby and a peaceful, restful, fruitful (!) holiday!

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