T-Minus 10-ish Hours

I’ve been checking and double-checking my packing list to make sure I didn’t forget anything.  I emailed my friend Sincerity to make sure she knows where everything is when she comes to check on the cats.  I called a cab to pick me up in the morning.  I think I’m all set.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll board a plane and set off on what will be about a full day of travel to reunite with Hubby.  He even left me a couple of the gifts he picked out for his nephews so I can spoil them a little, too.  (Although, I think he’s already done a pretty good job of that.  And if he hadn’t left the last two presents here, he probably would have handed those over, too.)

I haven’t exactly been looking forward to this trip.  It’s never a good time for me to take two weeks off work.  I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of spending the money for this trip when we’re trying to scrounge up enough for another round of IVF.  There have been some stressful things happening with Hubby’s dad.  And yet, these are all very good reasons we should make this trip now.

I don’t know how much blogging/reading I’ll be able to do while I’m gone, but I have a feeling I’ll have some down time when both Hubby and his dad take their daily naps.  I’ll try to balance keeping up with all of you and catching up with my in-laws.  Hubby has a couple of things planned for just the two of us, and I’m looking forward to a (mostly) relaxing get-away.

Of course, there are my father-in-law’s health issues, the job news we’ll be awaiting, a doctor’s appointment which will hopefully result in getting prescriptions for half-price meds.  Most of these things should be taken care of by early next week, which means I might be able to enjoy myself a little, right around the time the jet-lag starts to let up.

For now, it’s off to bed so I can wake up bright and early tomorrow.

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