Other Stuff

→  My father-in-law should be released from the hospital tomorrow.  He’s doing better, walking around, and the bleeding has finally stopped.  He’ll continue with the radiation next week, but won’t live in a hospital bed. →  Hubby got yet another rejection this week but was told in the email he was the runner-up, “if that […]

Big News Day

Headline #1: The dismantling of DOMA.  About damn time. Headline #2: Federer out in the second round at Wimbledon.  Honestly, after Nadal lost in the first round, I stopped caring. Headline #3: NFL star charged with murder.  Is it sad that I’m no longer surprised by things like this? Headline #4: After flawless baseline, we’re […]

The Signs

Everything else has gone wrong lately–my dad losing his job, Hubby’s dad in the hospital, whatever weird illness is happening with my sister, yet another rejection in Hubby’s job search–surely, this one thing has to go right. I’m bleeding.  I started bleeding three full days before taking my last BCP.  Shit.  That’s not good. It’s […]


So, that thing I was hinting could happen in this post?  Apparently has happened.  My 76-year-old father has been laid off. And, as I feared, Zappa has had to help him pick up the pieces.  She assisted him with his online unemployment application yesterday, and then called me to commiserate.  Unless a miracle happens, no […]


Hubby is notoriously bad at reacclimating to our current time zone after traveling to and from his home country.  He blames jet lag for his poor sleep for weeks, going to bed and waking up at odd hours, taking long naps, and generally feeling groggy in between.  He’s envious of my ability to arrive after […]

Aging Parents

The events of the past couple of weeks have got me thinking about parents and aging.  My husband is 40 years old; his dad is 80.  My own father is 42 years older than I am.  If we’re lucky enough to have children in the next couple of years, we’ll be looking at a similar […]


Well, I made it home yesterday afternoon.  It was not the most pleasant travel experience I’ve ever had, but there were no problems with connecting flights, and all my luggage made it along with me, so I shouldn’t complain too much. But I will complain a little because Oh. My. Gawd. getting out of my […]

Feeling Better

Hubby’s dad seems to be feeling better.  His stats prove it.  After two surgeries, plus multiple other procedures, a big chunk of the tumor has been removed, his kidneys are draining via two tubes inserted into each side of his back, and the irrigation of his bladder is resulting in bags of less- and less-red-looking […]