Happy Thoughts Thursday: The Good Stuff

I promised to write about the fun parts of our vacation, so here they are, along with a couple of other good bits:

◊  We got to spend some more time with the nephews at their house.  They are crazy and fun, and even when I didn’t know exactly what they were saying, I was able to get the gist.  Especially when they started wrestling and shouting “Go, go, Power Rangers!”  I guess Power Rangers are universal.  Also, Hubby was adorable reading to them, one on each side, all snuggled together on the couch.

♦  We did have my fancy, romantic birthday dinner, two days late.  Hubby picked a charming restaurant, and afterward, we took a walk down by the beach.  The breeze coming off the water was refreshing, as was spending an evening just the two of us, after sitting in my father-in-law’s hospital room for hours.

◊  We got the money for IVF #2.  I am beyond grateful to Hubby’s family for this generous gift.  We also scored three different medications for about what we would have spent on just one of them here.

♦  One day, driving to the hospital, Hubby said, “I know you haven’t been able to do much, but just having you here has really helped me a lot.”  I needed to hear that.

◊  We spent an afternoon driving around, looking at some towns between where his family lives and where the potential job would be.  He has not had an offer, but we talked a lot about possibly living there–especially with his dad’s health issues–and taking that drive, looking at the houses and parks and playgrounds (so many playgrounds!) made all of those little what-ifs seem a bit more real and easier to take if/when a change that huge actually does happen.

♦  Hubby finally corrected his (84-year-old) uncle, who’s been calling me the equivalent of “Darren” for years.  His response?  Eh, Darren’s easier for me.  (To say?  To remember?  What?  It’s still not my name!)  At least Hubby tried.

◊  When I got home, I had a package from Eighteenyears: some of her leftover meds.  It was like Christmas!

♦  The cats have been super happy to see me since I got home.  Especially since it was 95° inside my house when I arrived.  Fortunately, we also have a brand new swamp cooler, which was installed while I was away.

◊  I called our IVF coordinator yesterday to update her on this cycle and our meds, and after I hung up, I realized my baseline ultrasound is in two weeks!

♦  I have a girl-date with Sincerity tomorrow, which will be a great way to pass the time until Hubby comes home on Saturday.

10 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts Thursday: The Good Stuff

  1. That all sounds wonderful. Your visit sounds like it was like most of life….the good and the bad. I’m sure you were a huge source of support for your husband and his family. I hope your FIL is continuing to improve.

  2. That’s a whole bunch of good news. Can’t believe your baseline is so soon! That’s funny that your cats are all over you…when I used to leave my old cat, he’d get so angry that he’d take a dump somewhere outside his box and then ignore me for a few days when I got home. So vindictive!

  3. Excited for your upcoming cycle! And a swamp cooler is awesome…on really hot days I stare at our neighbors’ swamp cooler with envy.

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