Hubby is notoriously bad at reacclimating to our current time zone after traveling to and from his home country.  He blames jet lag for his poor sleep for weeks, going to bed and waking up at odd hours, taking long naps, and generally feeling groggy in between.  He’s envious of my ability to arrive after a long trip, sleep 8 hours that night, and by the next morning, follow a fairly normal routine.  He just can’t seem to wake up.


Audrey’s favorite place to hang out is on top of the DVR.  She curls up there, stretches, sprawls out, turns herself into a crescent, and eventually falls asleep.  This usually results in the hilariously slow-motion drop of her head–until it isn’t slow-motion anymore, and the muscles in her neck suddenly give way, leaving her head hanging off the side of the DVR.  It happens so suddenly sometimes, I find myself checking her breathing, watching her belly rise and fall, to make sure she’s still alive.


I, by the way, am still alive.  There’s not much happening around here, though.  I’m taking birth control every morning, wearing panty liners (for the spotting) every day, and just waiting around until the baseline ultrasound next week.  One week from today, actually.  At which point, we’ll see if this cycle will proceed as planned, or if we’ll have a repeat of the delays and minor difficulties of the last cycle.  At this point, I have no expectations.  Better not to, right?  And in the meantime?  My blog’s just a little sleepy.

6 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Jet lag is tough! And it’s always harder in one direction than in the other, no matter where you’re traveling. At least it is for me.

    Good luck with the waiting. It’s really tough, and you’re doing great.

  2. UGH, I hate the bcp spotting. I also hate the waiting. Sending you positive vibes and lots of appreciation for keeping us informed. I also get excited when I see a post from you in my inbox.

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