Big News Day

Headline #1: The dismantling of DOMA.  About damn time.

Headline #2: Federer out in the second round at Wimbledon.  Honestly, after Nadal lost in the first round, I stopped caring.

Headline #3: NFL star charged with murder.  Is it sad that I’m no longer surprised by things like this?

Headline #4: After flawless baseline, we’re good to go for IVF #2.  This is the shocker.  I was really expecting to go in today and learn that this cycle would be delayed.  But, no.  I start stims on Saturday.  We got the financial part straightened out, despite not having the agreement I made over the phone in writing.  Hubby and I discussed the pros and cons of transferring 3 embryos on day 3.  (Hint: He’s in love with the idea of triplets.  Me?  Not so much.)

Holy shit, this is happening.  Again.

27 thoughts on “Big News Day

  1. #1 is awesome, you should see all the pride here in Weho where I am right now. #2 eh. #3 Agreed. #4 woooohooo!!!!!! So excited for you guys. Fingers, toes, eyeballs crossed that everything goes perfectly!

  2. Well, I don’t know, but if I were writing this post, I might but those items in reverse order … that’s great news for you! Good luck for what follows!

  3. Your husbands idea of triplets crack me up a bit, too cute but maybe not in reality, thinking about the pregnancy and higher risks. I’m rooting so hard for you, and hoping this is your time when everything goes smoothly and end with great success.

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