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  My father-in-law should be released from the hospital tomorrow.  He’s doing better, walking around, and the bleeding has finally stopped.  He’ll continue with the radiation next week, but won’t live in a hospital bed.

 Hubby got yet another rejection this week but was told in the email he was the runner-up, “if that makes you feel any better.”  No, sir, it does not, in fact, make us feel any better.  Knowing he was that close and still didn’t get the job.

 Zappa texted me the other night: I don’t wanna jinx it but…..i MIGHT be feelin better!  My response?  Yay!  And also, in my head, I certainly hope so.

I thought the birth control had been clearing up the disaster my face has become, but this week I’ve got another massive breakout along my jaw line.  Ugh.

 Hubby still hasn’t heard from the company in his homeland about setting up a second interview.  Nothing to be concerned about at this point.  It’s been par for the course in his dealings so far, going weeks without hearing from anyone, and when he finally does, they act as if they last spoke to him yesterday.

 I had a good talk with D last night.  I had written out all the reasons I was hurt, but I never did get around to sending it to her or reading it to her over the phone.  And in the end, I didn’t bring up any of it.  For one thing, she really is making an effort.  I told her about all the shit that’s been happening lately, and she listened.  And two, she confided in me that before this pregnancy, she’d had another miscarriage.  She had had one with her first pregnancy, which she assumed was because of a medication she’d been taking not being completely out of her system.  Then she went on to have her son, almost six years ago.  After her most recent miscarriage, she’s scared to get fully invested in this pregnancy.  It sounded like the ultrasound she had yesterday, where she found out she’s having a girl, might help her become a bit more attached.  I only know from reading others’ blogs what it’s like to a) have a miscarriage and b) feel scared shitless for the duration of a subsequent pregnancy.  But for the first time ever, I felt like we really understood each other when it comes to the unfortunate circumstances of not being able to build our families the way we’d pictured.  Not the common ground I’d like to share with anyone, but in a weird way, it’s the best thing that could have happened to salvage our friendship.


8 thoughts on “Other Stuff

  1. Good news about your FIL, sis, and D! But sorry about the limbo that is still your hubby’s job and the breakout, too. Fingers are still crossed for great things to happen for you guys this summer!

  2. Glad to hear about Zappa and FIL feeling better! Good steps in the right direction. Very sorry to hear Hubby is getting the run around. I know the feelings, as there are so many with PhDs who are currently struggling to find work (and not for a lack of trying). Hoping the lead with the company leads to some good news very soon.

    For your final point, I will say this: sometimes bonding happens with tragedy. The fact that you and D are able to be supportive of one another is a good thing, even if neither of you truly understands the pain of the other. The whole point is that you’re there for one another. And that’s a good thing. Glad the conversation was a good one.

    • We hadn’t really been there for each other in a long time, so it was nice to finally have that with her again. I just wish the circumstances could be different.

  3. Hurray for healthy fathers-in-law. And I hope the job stuff comes through sososososoon. You guys deserve it. (If only the amount of deserving made a difference, right? We’d all have babies. Maybe even too many of them. We deserve them THAT much.)

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