It’s 11:30 pm here, and Hubby just left to go back to the hospital to spend the night in his dad’s room.  We’d already spent seven hours there this afternoon and evening and got back an hour ago. By the time we arrived, at 3:00 this afternoon, we’d already had a full day, going to […]

All dressed up and nowhere to go…

Except the emergency room. I’m fine.  Hubby’s fine.  His dad?  Not so much.  Don’t worry, it’s nothing life-threatening, at least, not immediately. Yesterday afternoon, I took a shower, got all gussied up with my new scarf draped around my shoulders, ready to have a romantic birthday dinner, just me and Hubby.  That, however, was not […]

Another Birthday

I’m starting to hate birthdays. This year, my husband got me a book, a tradition that has become so predictable it’s almost comical.  He is taking me out to a fancy dinner tonight, though, so that sort of makes up for it. My other presents include getting my period and crossing over that invisible line […]


Yesterday we had lunch with Hubby’s dad, uncle, brother, sister-in-law, and nephews–two sweet, silly boys who tried to impress me by counting in English, with words for “butt” and “pee-pee” in their own language thrown in for laughs.  Unfortunately, other than the word for “horse,” those were the only words they said all day that […]