IVF#2, Monitoring Appointment #2: Fireworks?

Well, not exactly.  But I do have plenty of follicles and fairly even growth, if still somewhat slow.  Dr. C measured 5 follicles on the right, each 10-11 mm, and noted “several more” that he didn’t measure.  Same on the left, except they were slightly bigger at about 13 mm.  My lining is 10 mm.  He didn’t send me for labs today, which is good because there was a screw-up with the lab that was supposed to be open today and then claimed to only be taking inpatient labs.

I don’t have to go back until Saturday, and Dr. C said I may have to stay on meds until Tuesday.  If that’s the case, I only have enough Menopur to get me through Monday, but I can get a day’s worth at the clinic (as opposed to ordering them and having them shipped from the pharmacy) if I need to.

Hubby has already started thinking of our potential, hypothetical embryos and whether or not we should spend the money on genetic screening depending on how many we have left after a 3-day transfer.  For once, I’m the one saying, “Don’t worry about it now.  We can’t predict what’s going to happen.”  How’s that for a change of pace?

Overall, I’m feeling good (if a little bloated).  I’m not stressed about what’s going to happen or when (even though my work schedule could potentially be screwed if retrieval happens a day later than predicted).  I just keep telling myself, I can’t do anything more than what I’m doing now.  All I can do is wait to see what happens next.  Which normally sends me into a tailspin of anxiety.  But today?  I’m not worried about it.  And it feels fantastic.

4 thoughts on “IVF#2, Monitoring Appointment #2: Fireworks?

  1. Hooray for the lowered worry threshold! I had nice even growth in my BFP cycle. That was much different than the others! Lookin good!

  2. That’s great news about those follies, and even better news about you feeling fantastic. I’m so glad you’re taking it one day at a time. That’s all you can do!

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