IVF#2, Monitoring Appointment #3: When Dr. C is happy, everybody’s happy

It’s weird how eerily similar and yet, how every different this cycle is compared to last time.  The time lines are nearly identical, as far as monitoring, blood draws, and–hopefully–trigger and retrieval.  But the numbers–and the look on Dr. C’s face–are worlds apart.

He actually said this morning that he thinks we’ll have more eggs than last time.  Cue huge sigh of relief.  My goal for this cycle was to have more eggs–and more embryos–to work with, given that our PGS results were not great last time.  Of the ten embryos we started out with, only one made it to blast genetically intact.  And even that one, supposedly genetically perfect embryo didn’t implant.

He hasn’t given me any concrete numbers as far as follicle count, but the measurements are between 14 and 16 mm, and he said they all looked like they were growing evenly.  By the time of retrieval last time, we had about 21 follicles, but many of them were too small and didn’t contain mature eggs.

Hubby is even more hopeful this time around than he was last time–and that’s saying something.  He said last night he “just has a good feeling about this IVF.”  I’m still hoping that the changes we’ve made this cycle will bring us different results, but convincing myself that it actually will work is another story.

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