IVF#2, Monitoring Appointment #4: Not complaining

Just listing, for the sake of documentation, things that have thus far gone un-noted.

I’ve been very aware of ovaries (for days and days).  There’s been a dull achy/mildly crampy feeling in my lower abdomen pretty much since I started stims.  Of course, it could just be the bloating, gas, and/or constipation.  My lower back also hurts.  It usually does, though.  The thing is, I can’t take ibuprofen, and the “pain reliever” I can take doesn’t do shit.

Hubby has been marveling at the fact that the drugs haven’t turned me into a different person.  If anything, the hormones I’m injecting myself with are having more of an effect on him.  Suddenly, I’m “so shiny” (which, I think, is the equivalent of “glowing” in Hubby’s unique take on the English language), and he can’t keep his hands off me.  I don’t know if it’s the increased estrogen making me genuinely more attractive to him or whether he finds the whole process of making a baby–however unconventional–inherently sexy.  Regardless, I feel kind of bad for swatting down every attempt he makes at gettin’ it on, but sex is a no-no for now and the foreseeable future.

As we get closer to retrieval, I’ve been thinking about the embryos from our last go-round.  Two of them were destroyed because of genetic abnormalities.  Two of them were transferred.  I don’t think I ever wrote it here, but in my head, I had begun referring to the two transferred embryos as Baby Boy and The Mystery.  We knew the sex of the genetically normal embryo.  For the other one, we had no information at all.  In my mind, they could have been boy-girl twins.  Except they were not.

We’re on track for a Wednesday retrieval.  Again, following the same timeline as last time.  But this time, we’ll be doing a day 3 transfer on Saturday.  I’ll spend the weekend on bed rest and then back to work on Monday.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Dr. C reduced my meds to 225 iu each for today.  I go in again tomorrow morning for my final encounter with the trans vag invader before retrieval.  And then trigger tomorrow night.

I don’t know if it’s the long-ish holiday weekend (I did work a shortened day on Friday), but this phase seems to be taking forever.  Realistically, I know it’s only been nine days of stimming, but I seem to have some difficulty remembering a time when I didn’t have to inject myself with hormones twice a day.  It’ll be over soon enough, though.  That’s the only thing I know for sure.


5 thoughts on “IVF#2, Monitoring Appointment #4: Not complaining

  1. Been reading and thinking of you. So glad this cycle is going the way it’s going!! Grey had a similar response to me when I was stimming/growing lining. The power of hormones.

    Fingers and toes are crossed for retrieval!!

  2. I’ve been lurking for oh-so-long, and wanted to pop out of the woodwork to wish you tons of luck. MFI is so difficult to juggle (men somehow have a lot tied up in their sperm, at least in my experience)–balancing emotions with hope vs the knowledge that this absolutely will not happen without the aid of science. I admire you for being so candid about your struggle and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth retrieval, good fertilization, genetically normal embryos, and a healthy pregnancy.


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