That’s today’s beta.

Hubby convinced me to pee on something last night so we could get the results together.  I didn’t want to.  I was perfectly content inside our little bubble of hope and possibility.  Where I might be pregnant.  Where this cycle could have worked.  Knowing would send me into a tailspin of either grief or anxiety, and I wanted to postpone that for as long as possible.

I was shocked to see those two lines appear almost simultaneously.  I’ve never seen a positive test before.  It was surreal, and I now understand why people hang onto these sticks-o-pee for so long.  I have to keep reminding myself that it’s true.

I go back on Friday for my second beta, and we’ve already scheduled my first ultrasound for 8/9.

Somebody pinch me.


P.S.  I couldn’t sleep last night, except for short, bizarre-dream-filled spurts.  I woke up from one such dream crying.  My mother was there, and I was overcome with emotion at not being able to share our news with her.

60 thoughts on “150

  1. Yay!!!!!!! Oh. My. Gosh. I’m so happy for you! Congrats!!! I know it’s still early, but my fingers are crossed for nothing but good news from here on out. Wishing you the best at your next beta!

  2. I AM CRYING! LITERALLY CRYING RIGHT NOW! THIS IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! SORRY I”M SHOUTING BUT HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying, chanting, hoping, and toes crossing that this new life inside you continues to thrive. WOW, Daryl. WOW. Thank you for making my day :)!

  3. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yessssss!

    Hurray!!!!!!!!! This is day absolutely wonderful, Daryl. You’ve been waiting long enough.

    We get to be pregnant together!!!

    So many congratulations, dear. I’ll be thinking about you over the next few days!!

  4. OH MY GOD!!! I AM CRYING I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Congratulations! You both deserve this so much. Sending every good vibe, prayer, and crossed digit your way that everything goes perfectly. P.S. What CD are you on? I tested & had my first Beta either 14 or 15 days after my trigger shot (CD16), and my beta was 91…with 2. Can’t wait to hear more. And you keep that pee stick as long as you like!

  5. YESSSSSSS!!!!!! Daryl, this is awesome news! My heart is overflowing with joy to here this! Congratulations and spend some time enjoying this!! After everything, you deserve it.

  6. Omg! Omg! Omg! I’ve been checking on this all day! So happy for you and hubby! Can’t wait to hear how many are in there 🙂

  7. Holy crap! Who cares that it is so early. It means a take home baby is possible!!!!!!! Incredible news!!! Sending positivity to your incubating belly!!!!!

  8. Sending many congratulations to you! I hope the betas behave and the time till your first ultrasound passes quickly! I had a good feeling with your last blog post about taking that walk with your baby(ies)… I’m so very glad you got to take that walk with him/her/them!

  9. Oh my God, this is amazing!!! You’re pregnant! I’m so, so happy for you, friend! I’ve got everything crossed that the numbers double!

  10. Woooooohooooo! I am so freakin’ excited. This is awesome news! Hoping for great doubling times and a smooth, uneventful pregnancy.

  11. Yay!! What wonderful news! Praying for healthy babies in there and a most wonderful pregnancy! DH and I are so excited for you and wishing you such joy!

  12. Yes! When I saw that subject line in my inbox I thought to myself “that better be a beta number!”
    Mazel tov!! Amazing news!

  13. AAAAHHHH!!! Omigod, omigod, omigod!! This is so exciting, I just yelped a little at my computer screen!! As soon as I saw the post title…Amazing news Daryl, I am beyond happy for you guys 🙂 Sending so much love!

  14. I have goose pimples head to toe! Success! OMG another success story from Hypogonadism! WOO HOOO! I am so over the moon thrilled for you!

    CONGRATULATIONS and what a beautiful beta, nice healthy number.

    Here’s to a very healthy happy and eventless next 8 months until you hold your perfect, healthy miracle baby in your arms.

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  16. Huge congratulations, Daryl!!
    I hope this is the start to a healthy and happy and easy pregnancy. For me, the hardest part was getting pregnant. Thankfully everything after that has been (relatively) easy. May it be the same for you!

  17. This is the best thing I’ve read in a long time. I am downright giddy for you!!! 150? Awesome!!! I am happy dancing in your honor all morning.


  19. As someone whose spouse was diagnosed with the same condition, and who ended up without children (and finally ok with it!), I hope from the bottom of my heart that those numbers double for you and continue to go up, up, up. I prayed hard for you on Tuesday and Wednesday morning when I read that you were expecting your results. All the best, always!

  20. Oh wow!! I’ve been (silently) following your blog for a while and I just wanted to come out of the woodwork to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you 🙂

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