6 weeks 2 days: Aaaaand breathe.

1 baby.  1 heartbeat.  115 bpm.


35 thoughts on “6 weeks 2 days: Aaaaand breathe.

  1. Congratulations!!!!! Been reading your blog regularly. What a fabulous relief. Can’t wait to read more as you journey on!

  2. I am misty eyed. Thank you for sharing this. I almost feel like i needed this good news almost as much as you did (okay maybe not quite as much, but you feel me!). Praying for many more wonderful ultrasounds to come!

  3. Yay!!! Been waiting all day in bated breath to hear! So happy for you both. Keep up those positive thoughts & try your best to enjoy this. I know it’s hard not to worry, but things are looking good. 😀

  4. whoohooooooooo! great great news! yes. breath! and, ya know? i’ve felt pretty darn calm since my first ultrasound on tuesday. i’m sure as i near the next one i’ll start worrying again, but the excitement and sense of serenity hasn’t worn off for me yet. i hope yours sticks around, too, sisterfriend.

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