More Needles. Boo.

*Kind of whiney pregnancy post ahead.  You’ve been warned.*

Last week, Dr. C instructed me to continue 1/2 cc PIO injections through Saturday, skip Sunday, and get labs done today.  Which I did.  This afternoon, I called to get the results, and it turns out that, even though my progesterone levels were good (67!), he still doesn’t feel comfortable having me stop the injections.  So I’m back on 1/2 cc every night until he gives me further instructions.

I was so looking forward to this feeling more like a “normal” pregnancy.  To not have my husband give me nightly injections to keep it going.

I shouldn’t be disappointed.  It’s not like I was expecting to stop PIO injections at 7+ weeks.  I was expecting to be on them at least through week 10.  But Dr. C put that hope in my head (he’s really good at that) and made me believe things were going well enough that I could stop the extra hormones.  And then he changed his mind (also, really good at that).

So, more needles this week.  More thick injections through a long-ass needle.  More squats to keep the ache to a minimum.

In symptom news, I felt like shit all weekend.  I slept a lot and didn’t get off the couch or leave the house, for the most part.  This morning I had some short-lived nausea just after eating breakfast.  I’ve also had severe annoying seasonal allergies, which was one thing I was looking forward to the side-effects of pregnancy wiping out.  Alas, that is not the case.

Just to be clear, I am thrilled to be pregnant, despite these mild irritations.  I know I don’t need to say that.  But I’m saying it anyway, just in case there was any doubt.

10 thoughts on “More Needles. Boo.

  1. I’m not sure if you’re already doing this or not, but I’m having a really NOT so hard time with the PIO and I’m not sure if it’s just my luck or not but I thought I’d pass on what we’ve been doing in case it helps. I was really nervous because my trigger sot made me so incredibly sore the following day but so far so good with the PIO. Anyway, I use a heating pad for about 10 minutes before the shot, followed by icing for a minute to ease the pain of the needle, I use a Buzzy to the side and above where the shot is to trick my brain while my husband is giving me the shot (I’m sure you could just put ice in a spot above and to the side of the area during the injection), and then we massage the area for about 5 minutes, add the heating pad and massage for a few more minutes and then I leave the heating pad on for a little while. I barely even know I’ve been getting shots. It’s kind of weird and I know it’s time consuming but it’s working. Also, Dr. C told us we could do endometrin (the progesterone suppositories) if we wanted, instead of the injections and the nurse gave us 6 days worth for free. Just a thought if you’d rather those. The nurse even said that sometimes insurance covers them. Either way, good luck and my thoughts are with you! 🙂

    • That’s quite a routine!

      It’s not even that the shots are that bad. A half cc is barely noticeable. I just thought I was going to be done with them. Oh, well.

      • I second what the previous poster said. I didn’t do the exact routine, but some combo of heating pad, ice, hocus pocus seemed to keep me pain free! You can do it, Daryl!

  2. You can whine all you like here, lady. That’s what blogs are for.

    As shitty as the shots are, there must be comfort in knowing that they’re keeping that growing baby safe, like an insurance policy.

    I didn’t have shots, I used the suppositories. Do they do the same thing? The suppositories were kind of gross, but you get used to them after a while. Maybe they’re an option?

  3. I was on vaginal progesterone until I got pregnant. Then my RE decided I needed more so gave me the PIO shots. I ended up being on them until about 11 weeks. It sucked because I thought I was done with needles after the transfer. All worth it in the end, though.
    You are free to complain. This is your space. I had one friend tell me (when I told her I felt guilty complaining about any part of pregnancy) that you can be excited about being pregnant without actually liking everything about pregnancy. Or something to that effect (sounded better when she said it). Made me feel a little better.

  4. I was on progesterone for the entire pregnancy until 34 weeks – not shots, but the kind you stick up your hoo-ha. Fun times. I know it sucks, but always better safe than sorry.
    I think there’s not a “thing” that happens that makes a pregnancy feel “normal”. I thought that after hitting certain milestones I would feel “normal” but I never did.
    I hope that you do get to feel like a normal preggo. But even if you don’t, that’s ok. Is there really such a thing as normal?

  5. I wasn’t on PIO (had the suppositories instead) and the same thing happened — I kept thinking I was done with them, and RE kept extending it. I ended up taking them till I graduated to the OB, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t all that long, but I felt like you do — like I thought I was done but then had to keep going. It made me wonder what, exactly, the criteria were for staying on the progesterone. It really seemed like the doctor was thinking “Eh, couldn’t hurt.”

    Also — I felt like shit at 7 weeks too. This part DOES end. I started feeling like I could do more than lie on the couch and moan around the end of the first trimester. Hang in there!

  6. No experience with PIO, I’ve only ever used the suppositories. They’re not fun in their own right. : )

    Sorry for horrible allergies. Last year while I was pregnant it was the worst year for birch pollen in the last 30 years. And yup, birch is my worst allergen. Not to mention we were moving, so there was also tons of dust AND pregnancy just makes many women’s nose stuff.. I was so insanely miserable and taking every medicine I could, which isn’t much and they didn’t help too much. This year has been amazingly better! I hope the allergy season goes by quickly fo ryou.

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