Thoughts for Hubby

Day one of Hubby’s 2-day, last-chance, no-really-I-mean-it-this-time-there-are-no-more-academic-jobs-after-this interview is tomorrow morning.  It’s another skype interview, which poses its own challenges, but hopefully isn’t what’s prevented him from getting other jobs he’s interviewed for lately.  It’s also international, which poses specific challenges to Hubby and his accent-deciphering abilities (or lack thereof).  If you have any to spare, please send as many good, job-getting vibes as you can muster his way, both tomorrow and Thursday.

Much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You guys are awesome.


15 thoughts on “Thoughts for Hubby

  1. Gosh, doing skype interviews is so tough, because you just have to project that much more of your personality…But I have everything crossed for him that this’ll be the one!! Good luck!

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