The decision on the position Hubby interviewed for this week has been postponed until Monday.  In the meantime, he’s scheduled another quasi interview for Monday morning.  It’s for a post-doc position that may or may not lead to an academic position down the road.  It’s also with someone he “knows,” which, we’re discovering, might be more important than any actual skills my husband has to offer.

I just want this stupid job search to be over.  I am so done with helping Hubby edit cover letters and applications.  I can only imagine how burnt out he is by now.  We’ve been waiting years for a real opportunity, to get out of this everlasting limbo and settle in a new place.  I don’t even care where at this point.

And, timing-wise, it has to happen soon.  As Hubby’s dad reminded him (via his brother’s words), it’s time for him to get a job, even if he doesn’t like it.  He knows that, of course, and has been applying for non-academic jobs for over a year.  It’s just not happening.

If one of these two recent interviews doesn’t pan out, I don’t know what we’ll do.  It makes me wonder what all those years he spent pursuing a PhD were for.  And I hate that I think that.  I hate that I have moments of lost faith.  In my husband.  In his abilities.  In our future.

But there it is.

I know it’s not his fault.  He’s done everything he can to try to get a job.  I’ve long ago lost count of how many positions he’s applied for, but it’s well into the hundreds.  And to his credit, he hasn’t given up.  After hundreds of rejections.  He didn’t give up on me when I (stupidly) tried to push him away early on in our relationship, and he’s not giving up on the future of our family.  Because that’s who he’s doing this for.  And that’s motivation enough for him to keep going.


5 thoughts on “Nada.

  1. It must be so tough for your husband (and for you). There just seems to be fewer opportunities in the academic world. My husband would love to be a professor for his Ph.D. but he knew that it’d be too hard in the academic world so he just got a job in his industry. Not the most ideal but it is what it is. It’s natural to lose faith at times. It’s not unlike… infertility. Trying for a long time and being disappointed at every single time AF shows or if embryos don’t grow or a transfer does not result in a BFP. I hope that you hear good news on Monday.

  2. How awful that he’s left in limbo over the weekend. Ugh.

    It’s a shame that employment is about who you know rather that what you have to offer. I’m not an academic, but my field is completely saturated, and there is huge demand for any job that does come up. Yet it always seems to go to the person who knows someone, even if other applicants have more relevant experience. It’s so frustrating. Hoping like mad something pans out for your hubby soon…

  3. Times are tough. I don’t know if you’ve ever read the Gawker website series “Tales from the Unemployment Line” but it’s all about regular, normal people who are having a ridiculously hard time finding jobs right now despite tons of education, experience and motivation. I really hope your hubby gets this one!

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