Double Good

Today was a good day.

It started with my first OB appointment.  Dr. P is really nice, and Dr. C was right–I like him.  I did have to strip down today, which I was not expecting, for a breast exam and pap.  I heard the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler (at 10w5d) and didn’t even get myself into too much of a tizzy when it took a few minutes to find it.  Dr. P answered all my questions and gave me a referral to schedule the NT scan.  Since it was my first appointment, I was there for a total of an hour and 20 minutes, but a good chunk of that time was spent actually talking to a doctor, which was nice.  He’s gotten several referrals from my fertility clinic in the past, but did say that he doesn’t think I need to see him every time and can schedule the majority of my visits with a midwife.  This made me supremely happy, as I wasn’t sure I’d get to meet with a midwife at all, given the information I was given on my insurance company’s website.  Every midwife that popped up on the site delivers at an out-of-network hospital, so I was thrilled to discover there are actually several of them at this practice.

Speaking of hospitals, the one where I am allowed to deliver has a “natural birthing center,” which includes birthing tubs and queen-size beds.  I am in love with this option.

Unfortunately (and fortunately!), it’s very unlikely that I will get to use this facility.  It looks like we won’t be living here when it’s time for this baby to enter the world.

Because Hubby got a job offer today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not for the job we were waiting to hear about today (and, by the way, have still heard nothing about).  He was offered the job he informally interviewed for this morning.  I spoke to Hubby at 9:30, just after he finished an hour-plus-long conversation with the professor he’d be working with for this post-doc.  The prof was very enthusiastic and told Hubby he was his first choice.  Hubby was also excited about the job itself.  The pay?  Not so much.

By 11:15, when I called Hubby for the second time, he’d officially received the offer.  There are some kinks to work out.  The job is in another country, so there are visas to be figured out (for both Hubby and me).  There’s also the issue of who would pay for us to move there.  Hubby and the prof also discussed applying for grant money to possibly supplement Hubby’s salary.

The other issue is that Hubby still hasn’t heard about the first job.  I’m not optimistic that it’s a yes at this point, but he wants to know for sure before committing to this (probably) lower-paying job.

I’m just happy that somebody finally wants him.  We can be poor for two years (even with a baby) if it means taking this opportunity that could potentially be instrumental in advancing Hubby’s career.  Because that’s the point of all of this.

(I’m also super-excited about the city we could be moving to, but I’ll leave that for a later date, once he’s officially accepted the position.)

It’s been a good, good day.

26 thoughts on “Double Good

  1. That’s wonderful! I am hoping that he will hear from that other job soon so that you will be able to make a decision very soon. What a great news! I know you’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.

  2. YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got a huge grin as I was reading this, and the grin just kept getting bigger and bigger! Life is crazy so I lost never blog or comment anymore but I just HAD TO on this. YAY!!!!!!!

  3. Yay! So glad you’ve had a better day than me! 🙂 And so happy to hear the good news! I knew everything would somehow work out for you guys…even if the pay isn’t stellar. Can’t wait for more details about where you might be moving. Wishing you all the best as you prepare for a lot of great changes in life!

  4. Yay I’m so pleased that things are going well. Huge congrats to your husband on the job. I look forward to hearing more about it once it is all confirmed.

  5. I must confess, I skimmed past the pregnancy-related stuff because after that post title, I was so sure there was good news for your husband, and at this point *I* feel invested in his career a little 😉 Yaaaaaayyyy for the good news!! I am so excited for you guys! Working on something you find fulfilling is so much more important than money, and it sounds like where you’re going, you’ll be having an adventure too! Couldn’t be happier for you two, you deserve all this good news (scrolled back to beginning of post, and I’m delighted you’re so hapy with your care too ;). I’ll be shooting you an email for the juicy news!

  6. That is FANTASTIC! You and your husband have been waiting far too long and I’m so glad to hear that he’s in demand. And I’m so glad you like your doctor. That’s huge. (Also, how weird was it to go to the OB like a normal pregnant lady? Did you feel like you’d graduated?)

  7. Yes!! so happy for you and hubby. It has been a long time coming. Huge congratulations, and now, I am very curious about where the new location would be. Good thing you feel excited about it, that’s really important.

  8. Congrats on both counts! I bet hubby feels amazing right now. Can’t wait to hear if he got the second job too and what you guys will decide! I would LOVE the opportunity to leave in a foreign country, but know that a decent salary is very important with a baby on the way (woohoo!). Sending positive thoughts your way!!!!

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