NT Scan & First Trimester Screening

I’m 12 weeks today.  We had the NT scan this morning, and I had blood drawn for the rest of the first trimester screening.  We should get the results by Friday or Monday.  Of course, as Dr. P reminded me, I’m already at higher risk for chromosomal abnormalities because I’m “old.”  I was reminded of this again today.  Thanks, guys.

Age comments aside, it was a lovely appointment from start to finish.  It was in the women’s hospital, just down the street from my OB’s office.  Everyone we encountered congratulated us.  Hubby noticed right away that the u/s tech had a name that was a variation on the one we’ve already agreed upon for a girl.  She was very nice and chatty, though she didn’t go into too much detail about the measurements she was taking, and I didn’t ask.  I can wait the couple of days to get the full results, and besides, it was much more fun to just ooh and ahh over our little Thumper.

Hubby’s reaction to seeing her* was adorable.  He audibly gasped when the first image of her profile appeared on the screen, and she looked like a real baby.  The last u/s he attended was at 9 weeks, when she was much smaller and still had tiny limbs, relative to her body size.

Today was also the first u/s where we got to see her move.  Even at 9 and 10 weeks, there was no movement at all.  I had already told the u/s tech that I was hoping to see the baby move, so after she took her measurements, when Thumper continued to just lie there, all curled up, the tech punched my belly several times with the transducer to wake her up.  And it worked!  She started kicking her legs and rubbing her little eyes, as if to say, “Leave me alone.  I’m sleeping!”

We also got to see 3D images today, which I didn’t think they did until much later on.  It was amazing.

I know I’m totally gushing, and you guys are probably throwing up in your mouths a little bit over all the gag-inducing sweetness.  But I’m still in shock that things continue to look good.  Normal, even.  I’m trying to soak it all in and leave out the “while it lasts” part.

I’m hoping to get the results of the screening sooner rather than later.  Then the next step is my OB appointment at 14 weeks.  If the results of today’s screening show an increased risk (and again, because of my age), we may do more blood work sometime between 16 and 20 weeks.  We went ahead and scheduled the 20 week u/s today, even though I don’t think we’ll still be here at that point.

Oh, and did I mention I got to keep my clothes on?!  That was a first.


* Again, we don’t know Thumper’s sex, but until we do, I’m referring to her as “she” to avoid calling my baby “it.”

12 thoughts on “NT Scan & First Trimester Screening

  1. Goodness… I doubt it feels this way to you, but your first trimester has gone by SO FAST! 12 weeks?! How did that happen? But I’m so happy for you guys. Keep the good news coming!

  2. Wow, 12 weeks already! that’s a great milestone. Sweet that you got to see her move a little bit, it’s really amazing to watch. Hope you are doing well and that you’ll get a bit more energy back for the second trimester.

  3. I was 35.5 when I got pregnant and definitely worried about the age-factor (because I read about it so much). Thankfully our risks were reasonably low and nothing to worry about. I hope the same for you and that you can continue to enjoy this pregnancy!
    The U/S are just so much fun and unreal!

  4. Eat up the normal! I love when my OB says, “You’re normal today!” And don’t you just love watching hubby get excited? That’s my favorite part.

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