First Trimester Screening Results

*I swear I’ll get around to writing a non-pregnancy-related post soon!*

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Despite the fact that the nurse who drew my blood on Wednesday said she’d likely have the results either Friday or Monday, she called me yesterday to say the results were in.  I missed her call, and when I called back, it went to voicemail.  She called back again while I was in a home visit to say the results were “lovely,” and I wouldn’t require any additional testing.

But she didn’t leave any details.  I called her this morning to get them.

You guys, can I just brag about this kid for a minute?  Despite being created by two old fogeys (with a lot of help from science, medical technology, doctors, nurses, embryologists, and plain ol’ luck), she seems to be a bit of a rock star.  Because I am 35, the chances that this baby could have Down Syndrome are somewhere between 1:300 and 1:180, depending on who you ask.  My screening results say otherwise, though.  According to those numbers, Thumper’s chances of DS are 1:2300, and her chances of trisomy 18 are 1:10,000.

So, yeah.  Total rock star.

21 thoughts on “First Trimester Screening Results

  1. Wooohoo! Congrats! I too am waiting on blood results (even though I’m 32 I convinced them to do that blood test because of my triploidy pregnancy). Did you do the one where they can tell gender? I’m guessing not since you didn’t mention it. So thrilled for you guys!!!! I say keep the pregnancy posts coming, but maybe I’m biased!

  2. Yay!!! So relieved for you. And you have waited and worked long and hard for this pregnancy and the write to talk about it. Don’t feel the need to sensor yourself. Anyone who reads your blog is happy for you, and those who are in too much pain will just skip the pregnancy posts. You’ve shared your struggles and pain. Now it’s your time to feel and share your joy!

  3. Daryl ur hubby was on how much dosage of HCG & HMG … Our RE recently reduced it to 2000 IU fr HCG to Twice a week … Before he was on 2000IU fr thrice a week for almost 4 months …he has not been put on Hmg yet … Thanks

    • He was on 1600 IU 3x/week. We added hMG after 3 months, which was150 IU 3x/week. Did they say why there were reducing the hCG? It could be his testosterone or other hormone levels were too high. Good luck!

      • They reduced the dosage cos hubby was complaining abt little tenderness in the breast … Which is a common side affect if u are on HCg to develop some tenderness and breast tissue … However even after 4 month(april-July) on 2000 IU the semen analysis came back 0 his testrone however improved a lot and was towards the higher limit … From August to September he is on 2000 IU twice a week .., we will be seeing the RE beginning oct and then she might put in HMG ., it’s time taking hopefully I am also blessed like u …. 🙂

  4. Fantastic, the good news just keeps coming 🙂 I honestly didn’t know the exact stats for the age group, we also got a real low risk calculated for downs. it’s a relief for sure.

  5. hahaha. I totally “got” this post. When we got our results, I was so proud of my baby. Like, Yay! He’s an overachiever already! Just like mama! Ha. It feels FANTASTIC to get such good results. Congratulations 🙂

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