Things I’ve been stressing about that have nothing to do with the P-word*

It’s been two weeks since Hubby’s job offer, and we still don’t have a contract in hand.  Apparently, the professor left for a conference in Germany the day after the offer was made, so he didn’t even start working on the contract until the middle of last week.  He’s never done this before, so he needed some guidance and/or approval from the dean.  Hopefully that part of it will be done by early this week.  We need the contract, along with a letter of invitation and lots of other paperwork, for Hubby to be able to apply for a work permit.  Which he may or may not be able to apply for online, and which will then take at least a couple of weeks to be approved.

This is just one of a long list of things we have to get done in the next couple of weeks.  I’ve made an appointment for the cats to get their rabies vaccinations, and we have two moving companies coming next week to give us an estimate.  I have yet to pack a single thing, although I have been going through my closet, beginning the purge of things that are not coming with us to Canada.

I always thought, when Hubby finally got a job, we’d have months to prepare.  I’d be organized, pack slowly, have a yard sale to help pay for the move.  But that is not the case.  I’m feeling the time crunch, and it’s not pleasant.

I can’t sleep.  I fall asleep okay but then I wake up in the middle of the night, and it takes me hours to get back to sleep.  Or I keep waking up every few minutes.  Thoughts of all the things we have left to do keep cycling through my brain.

I have to find a job, too, which comes with all its own caveats, like the fact that most jobs in my area of expertise only want bilingual applicants.  I studied French for years, but I’m far from fluent.  Still, I feel like I have to try because I’m worried Hubby’s income alone won’t be enough.

All of these worries are piled up on top of each other, and that’s not even including all the things we have to take care of after we cross the border.  Like health insurance, banking, utilities, phones, and settling into a totally new city.  At this point, we don’t even know where we’re going to live.

It’s a lot.  And I’m trying my best to take on one thing at a time, but something else always pops up.  My to-do list keeps growing instead of shrinking.

And now, on top of the stress–or maybe because of it–I have a cold.  So getting anything done is extra hard.

As my therapist said, “It’ll all get done.  It has to.”  I just wish it wasn’t all so last-minute.


*Okay, one small pregnancy-related item.  The Thumper page is now up, so if you’re just dying to see u/s pics, there they are.


6 thoughts on “Things I’ve been stressing about that have nothing to do with the P-word*

  1. I really, really, really suck at moving. I’m the one who will spend an hour packing up the most delicate things and then not know what to do with any of the rest. You can be sure you’re better at this than someone… and I hope your move goes smoothly! (As an aside–I really like this website called for keeping the house. I know she has some moving tips, though I haven’t needed them since I found FlyLady, so I’m not sure what they are.)
    Hope everything goes as smoothly as it can, and I hope all the paperwork comes in. Best of luck!

  2. I feel for you. We moved — twice — during my first pregnancy and it was more stressful than I’d ever imagined. But your therapist is right…it will all work out. Just as this pregnancy and job offer came together like two puzzle pieces meant to fit perfectly, so will everything else. Wishing you lots of luck and peace and a speedy recovery from that dang cold!

  3. Wow, your husband got a job! You’re moving! Congrats! I guess I need to do better about staying up-to-date on my blog reading. Change happens fast around these parts 🙂

  4. Don’t worry it will all be done just don’t stress urself… U have already won the war these are just few petty battles …congrats on moving to a new country 🙂

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