The Announcement

Last night, at 13 weeks, I did something really scary.  I announced to family and friends that I’m pregnant.  Even as my cursor was hovering over the send button, I couldn’t help the what-ifs.  What if I send this message to my whole family and then the worst happens?

I didn’t broadcast it to all of facebook, but instead sent a message to a select few, including my older siblings and the friends I don’t see often but who knew what we were going through to build our family.  Even though I’d never discussed our infertility with my siblings, other than Zappa, I knew that most of them probably knew, thanks to my mom and the gossip machine that is my family.

I wrote, in part:

After our second round of IVF, I am excited and relieved to finally be able to announce that we are expecting a baby in April. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without a lot of help and support from family and friends (and doctors, nurses, embryologists, science, technology, etc., etc.), and I hope we can count on your continued support as we navigate my first pregnancy and parenthood.

The response, as expected, came mostly from my friends.  My announcement went largely ignored by most of my five older siblings.  I wasn’t surprised neither of my brothers responded, considering neither of them made an effort to attend my wedding, either, but I hoped to at least get congratulations from my sisters.  Only the oldest responded (and also made her own announcement on her wall, which was not my intent).

But from those who did respond, the love and support was genuine and sometimes ecstatic.  Many of them have been waiting a long time for this news, and one friend even offered to throw us a baby shower.  While I’m not quite ready for that step, I appreciated her enthusiasm.

I also told one of my office mates at work today.  She nearly jumped out of her chair!  It’s those kinds of responses that make me really glad to have told friends and family, so that they can share in our joy.  Part of me still hopes I’m not jinxing anything by doing so, but mostly, I’m enjoying their kind words, congratulations, beaming faces, and warm hugs.  And in those moments, I’m not waiting for the worst to happen.  I’m just–finally–enjoying this.


9 thoughts on “The Announcement

  1. Yeah! That is sooo awesome that you shared the news! Screw those people who didn’t respond (I don’t get them). Seriously. If I knew you in person I too would be jumping out of my chair. Little Thumper’s existence is a momentous occasion indeed!

  2. No jinxing has been done! I worried over the same thing, every single time I told someone, but here I am, 39 weeks pregnant. And in 26 more weeks…so you will be, right here, about to meet Thumper. I’m so glad you have people who are happy to celebrate with you!

  3. Yay I’m glad you’ve been able to share your fantastic news outside of ‘blog world’. I’m sure Thumper will have a huge network of friends and family jumping for joy and there is an online network that’s also rooting for you!

  4. Screw the people who didn’t respond. You’ve gotten where you are without them, and you’ll keep going. I’m glad your friends responded well though, you deserve to have lots of people as excited as you guys are about Thumper!

  5. I’m glad to hear that you got some wonderful responses from friends- what a shame your family can’t be more supportive though. Oh well- don’t let that get under your skin- this is YOUR time. Enjoy every minute!

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