What’s that saying about making god laugh?

So, I walk in the door tonight, exhausted from a full day of home visits, and the first thing Hubby says to me is “Don’t quit your job yet.”

Um, what?

Turns out all the bureaucracy and paperwork involved in international employment and the logistics of an international move apparently take longer than a month to navigate, both on our end and their’s.  Hubby’s start date is now January 1, 2014.

In a way, I’m relieved.  It gives us more time to organize before we pack up our entire house (or the parts of it that are coming with us, anyway).  It also gives us time to save as much as we can before we move, since I likely won’t be working for the three months between the move and my due date, and Hubby won’t get paid until the end of January.

On the other hand, we were ready.  I mean, we hadn’t packed a single thing, and i was stressed out over all the details we had to take care of in a few short weeks.  But we were so ready to get out of here and move on.  I had one and a half feet out the door at work.  I was looking forward to saying goodbye to this tired, old house.  And Hubby was more than ready for his career to finally begin.

And it’s frustrating that nothing ever seems to go the way we’d planned.

But that’s life.  I might as well get used to it, right?


7 thoughts on “What’s that saying about making god laugh?

  1. It’s human nature to think that it’s only me for whom it doesn’t work out how I had planned …. Every ones life is so overwhelming but mine …, well grass is greener on the other side ,each one of us have our own troubles and dismays.,.. Initially I used to think why this infertility issue has happened with me … But later I saw that there are so many like me atleast god had made me that much capable that I can afford the treatment … There are those unfortunate ones who can’t even afford the treatment ….well enough of preaching …, just relax girl n njoi all these are just temporary things permanent one is there inside u … 🙂 stay blessed n happy always 🙂

  2. I’m sorry, friend. But it will still be okay. Things may not be going as planned, but they’re not that far off track, either. There’s still plenty to celebrate! But still…I know it sucks to feel stuck once again. Hoping the next few months go quickly for you!!!

  3. That is frustrating. I am someone who loves to plan and loves change, so finding out it was delayed would shake me up. But, I suppose on the bright side, it was just delayed, not cancelled. Get some rest. A day of home visits is exhausting!

  4. This is ok, normal even. Sure it’s frustrating to be grounded temporarily just when you think you’ve got lift off, but it is temporary. The thing about international moves (because, ahem!…I have some experience…) is just to accept that a LOT of stuff is out of your hands, the bureaucracy takes an insane long time to sort through, and even when you arrive at your destination, there’ll be all kinds of little things that feel like delays and new challenges. You have to kinda laugh about it, embrace the chaos and enjoy the new adventures for what they are. I know there are many adventures awaiting you!

  5. A little bit of extra time will probably come in handy, although I know how it feels when you are prepped for a big change that ends up getting put off. You just want to get it over with already!

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