Snap, Crackle, Pop!


I need to buy new bras.  My boobs have been huge pretty much since day 1, thanks to the progesterone injections I was on up until week 9.  They’re less sore than they were in those days, but just the thought of wearing one of my regular bras at this point makes me cringe.  I’ve been wearing sports bras for weeks and weeks, but it might be nice to have a decent bra that doesn’t just smoosh my boobs against my rib cage.  Is 14 weeks too early to buy a maternity bra?


My skin is super-dry.  Probably in part because I need to be drinking more water.  But when my day is broken up into hour-long home visits, with 15 minute breaks to get from point A to point B, drinking more water means spending most of my day with a painfully full bladder.

I’m not very good at remembering things like putting on lotion, either, which would be a step in the right direction.  I intend to do it and then get busy with something else and forget.  The other day, I lifted my shirt as part of a routine check (see below), and noticed tiny, pink cracks in the skin below my belly button.  Since then, I’ve been slathering up twice a day.


I’m obsessed.  Every time I go to the bathroom, I spend an extra few seconds scrutinizing my profile.  Is it bigger than yesterday?  Can anyone else see it?  Do I want anyone else to notice?

And it’s not just my own belly I’m obsessing over.  It seems everywhere I go, I’m no longer confronted with just the giant, waddling, I’m-going-to-squeeze-out-a-baby-any-day-now pregnant bellies.  I see them at all stages and can hone in on them from a mile away, like a sixth sense.  I’ve been secretly spying on the belly of a coworker, wondering how far along she is, when she’s due, if she only looks bigger than me because she’s had one child already.  And yet, my infertile mind set keeps me from actually asking these questions.  I still have a hard time imagining myself at any stage of pregnancy beyond where I am now, seeing my own reflection follow the same arc of the women I watch from the corner of my eye at the grocery store.

In the morning, it’s pretty easy to disguise the bump, but by the time I’m ready for bed, my belly is enormous, stretched to its limit with a combination of baby, bloat, and gas.  I’m not sure how I feel about it at this point.  It’s not the cute, barely-there bump i thought I would have at this stage.  To me, it just looks like a little extra weight on top of the Triple P (pre-pregnancy pudge, or PIP, if you prefer post-IVF pudge).  I’m trying to embrace it, in the weeks between appointments, as a sign that there really is a baby in there, growing away.

Not that I need the additional reminder.  The pelvic bone pain has continued, making even the shortest walk unbearable.  I limp along during the day and wince every time I have to shift my weight or stand on one foot while dressing or undressing.  It makes me a bit crotchety (pun intended).  At least, that’s what I blame my foul mood on these days, rather than admit it’s more likely due to the stress of all the changes that will be happening in the next six months.

Hubby has embraced my changing body (especially the boobs, duh) and continues to marvel at the fact that there is another human being inside of me.  There are moments when I marvel, too.  Those are the moments when i don’t feel fat, uncomfortable, and disgusting.  Those are the moments I feel content.  Happy, even.


20 thoughts on “Snap, Crackle, Pop!

  1. 14 weeks is when I bought one and it is still fitting fine. My boobs grew huge quickly and then stopped. The lady fitted it on its smallest back clasps so that as I put on weight I could let it out. I am 32 weeks now and have only just had to do that. Do it, it is not worth being uncomfortable. I now need to go out and get nursing bras which is a very strange concept! Eeek!

    • Wow! 32 weeks! It’s gone by so fast!

      Yeah, I think my boobs have stopped growing for the moment, but I’m sure I’ll have another growth spurt at some point. I hate buying bras, but I just want to be comfy!

  2. Snap: Don’t buy a maternity bra just yet! But definitely DO go buy a new bra to wear during pregnancy. Once you give birth and your milk comes in, your boobs will get bigger again! And, your rib cage will go back to its normal-ish size again too. My MIL warned me that when I went to buy a nursing bra towards the end of my pregnancy to buy a bra one cup size bigger.
    Actually, I’m bad for bra-advice. I hate bras! I only had one nursing bra I liked and lived with it the entire time I’ve bee nursing. These days I only wear it on the weekends when I’m home with the boy all day, but eventhen I don’t really need it as he only nurses in the morning and night now. (You really didn’t need all that info, did you?)

    Crackle: Oh, I’m right there with you!!!! I always have dry skin! And it litterally drives my crazy and itchy and scratchy! It’s not even winter yet and I’m alreayd scratching. 😦 I have found the best time to lather up on lotion is right after a shower. And then again as I crawl into bed. Good luck. Dry skin sucks.

    Pop: I too marvled and semi obsessed over my bump. Where you are at is definitely an in between stage.
    Sorry for the pelvic pain.

    • I also hate buying bras! And I’m so confused because, when I measure myself, I come up with the same size I wore pre-pregnancy. That just can’t be right!

      • Definitely get someone to fit you at a store. You could very well be the same measurements (maybe not), but a different style will fit better. When I was recently fitted, with some bras the sales last would bring back the next bigger one and with others she brought the size I was expecting. And most of the bras I just hated how they felt on me even if they were the correct size. I am glad I fitted though, I now own two bras I actually like! They are Triumph brand.

  3. I would recommend buying a bra that you are comfortable in now, but just as a warning: I have had to spend about a year’s salary in bras since I got pregnant! Ok, slight exaggeration, but still. My boobs changed so often when I was pregnant and have kept changing after. I need to go get fitted and get some new ones again before I go back to work next week.
    As far as the belly, I couldn’t stop looking at mine either. I did the normal mirror check whenever I went to the bathroom, but I was always trying to sneakily study it when I went past reflecting car windows and in my shadow. Sometimes I felt like it looked different from day-to-day, but in other phases, I had to rely on the weekly pictures we took because I felt like it wasn’t changing even when it was.

  4. Def. buy a new bra. I bought an inexpensive one from Target because I didn’t know how long I would be able to wear it. I had gone up 2 cup sizes from my pre-preg size and WHAT a difference it makes wearing a bra that actually…fits!
    Also, re: the belly, go ahead and take pictures of zee bump. I wish I had taken more pictures of myself early on, but I was so scared of jinxing things. Now I wish I had them. I found pictures are the best way to compare how you grow. (Not that that stops you from looking in every mirrored surface you pass! I still do that now and I’m 23 weeks). So excited for you!

  5. Take weekly pictures! I was very obsessed too and taking pictures helped me see the growth happening 😉 I still look at them and marvel how little my bump was at the beginning (even though I swore it was a real bump) and how huge I was towards the end!
    I too had really bad pelvic pain starting around 14 weeks; from my research it’s something called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and basically it’s that the ligaments get over stretched bc of the hormones, usually resolves after delivery (it did for me!). But it got to a point where getting up from bed was almost impossible. I did acupuncture and that helped A LOT and also got that special tape (that physiotherapists use) strategically put on my lower back and underneath the belly. The nurse at my Obgyn would do it and I’d go every 5-7 days to change it, it helped enormously by taking some pressure off. I hope this is helpful!

  6. Not too early to buy a maternity bra at all! I think I bought one early in my 2nd tri while pregnant with my first. Comfort is most important!

    And that beginning bump will turn into a full-fledged I’m-pregnant-and-can’t-hide-it bump in no time! I bet you look cute as can be. 🙂

  7. I have the profile obsession too, I’ll be 14wks Monday so realistically I probably don’t have a bump yet…. Just fat and bloating lol. I too need to buy some new bras but I reallllly hate bra shopping!! I’m a new reader so congrats and I hope things continue to progress well:)

  8. I bought a new bra for pregnancy. But I didn’t get nursing bras until after I gave birth and my milk came in. I’m glad I waited because boobs and body were different. As for the bump. I remember some days waking up and having a tiny to no bump and by the end of the day looking huge! I don’t know why but it’s very common! So excited for you!

  9. Haha nodding along… it’s a strange feeling to see and feel your body change so much. And yes, I hate buying bras right now, nothing seems to fit well. Sorry to hear about the pain though, hope it calms down a bit, if not disappearing altogether.

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