Updates ‘n’ Stuff

There’s not a whole lot new going on around here.  No doctor appointments.  No ultrasounds.  Here’s the last 10 days in a (largish) nutshell:

Monday, October 14: I go to the school where I used to work for a visit with a child I work with at my current job.  While there, I catch up with a former co-worker, telling her about the job, the move, and the pregnancy.  She is so excited and happy for us, she hugs me, like, three times.  I also tell her, if this baby is a girl (well, either way, really, but she was talking about how much she had wanted a granddaughter), she can be her honorary grandmother.

Tuesday, October 15: Pelvic/pubic bone pain continues.  I hobble around all day.  Also, bills continue to roll in, and I have trouble sleeping.

Wednesday, October 16: 16 weeks today.  I think I’m still bloated from a recent bout of constipation, but I get asked for the first time, by one of the moms I work with, if I’m pregnant.  I am totally caught off guard by this question, but have to admit I am.  It’s either that, or make her feel really uncomfortable for essentially asking if I’ve been putting on weight.  So far, that’s the only family I’ve told, but I don’t think I’ll be able to hide it from the rest for much longer.

Thursday, October 17: This is the day I would have gone to the physical therapist if I’d had an extra $250+ lying around.  Instead, I do kegels while driving all day.

Friday, October 18: During a break at work, I sit in my car and begin filling out pages and pages of the application for Medicaid.  In the evening, after work, I think I feel what could be fluttering.  I get excited that this might be Thumper moving.  This sensation, however, is shortly followed by a fart.  This happens three or four times, and I get my hopes up each time.

Saturday, October 19: Spend all day watching movies with Hubby.  One in the theater and two on the couch.  Lazy, lazy day.  And I mean that in the best possible way.

Sunday, October 20: The pubic pain is almost non-existent.  I finally start to feel I may have turned a corner in the healing process.  Hubby and I once again discuss banking options for after the move.  Which I start to panic about, worried there won’t be any money left to transfer from one account to another.

Monday, October 21: Two more weeks until the anatomy scan!  Pain is back.  Not terrible, but definitely noticeable.  What a difference spending a day off the couch makes!  I spend the morning on the phone with my insurance company and fertility clinic trying to sort out the most recent bill.

Tuesday, October 22: Once again, feeling “flutters.”  I try to convince myself this could be the real thing.  A coworker tells me she’s tempted to touch what I thought was my well-concealed belly.

Wednesday, October 23: The cranes are here!!  I try calling to ask questions about applying for Medicaid, but get no answer.  I drive to the Income Support Office and get a list of what I need to submit in addition to the application, and am advised to drop everything off in person.  It’s on the agenda for tomorrow.  At 17 weeks, Hubby finally takes a photo of my belly, which you can see here.


7 thoughts on “Updates ‘n’ Stuff

  1. I can’t believe you’re 17 weeks already! I wrestled for weeks trying to decide if what I was feeling was movement or not. I think it probably was, in hindsight, but there definitely came a time when I knew for sure. Everyone tried to explain it to me, but none of their explanations helped me identify it. The only way I could describe in the beginning was sort of like a fish flopping in my belly.

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