20 week ultrasound (er…something)

Okay, so I’m totally bipolar or something.  Yesterday I was wallowing in self-pity and otherness.  Today…well, today is a different day.  A better day.

We had our anatomy scan today, at 18 weeks 5 days.  I think they tried to squeeze us in early because, when we went for our 12 week scan, we told the scheduling person that we might be moving to Montreal, like, really soon.  Which was fine with me.  I was totally jonesing for another peek at Thumper.

We had the same ultrasound tech as last time, which was kind of nice.  She spent what seemed like a very long time looking at Thumper’s heart from every possible angle, which had me worried after about the ninth look, but everything was fine.  Heart, kidneys, stomach, everything.  And no cleft anything.  We even got a picture of an outstretched and touching five perfect little toes.

This ultrasound also gave us another opportunity to witness the personality characteristics our little one has inherited from each of us and was more than willing to display.  Hubby’s stubbornness, for example.  During the entire scan, the baby remained in a curled up position with legs firmly crossed.  The little arms also covered half the baby’s face, a shyness that clearly comes from me.

After all the measurements were done, the tech asked us if we wanted to learn the sex of the baby.  Not that it would be easy with Thumper in that position, but she’d give it a try.  This included pounding on my belly again with the transducer, trying to get baby to stretch out a little.  This took several minutes.  To the point where Hubby and I had kind of given up and didn’t even realize the tech was still searching in that area.

Then, out of nowhere, the words we’d been waiting for:

“It’s a girl.”

Hubby’s reaction was immediate and intense.  Both arms raised above his head, fists in the air, “Yes!  Yes!”

So, he’s happy.  He hasn’t had a chance to tell his family yet, but I’ve told mine, along with some friends, and they’re all thrilled and excited for us.  I’ve already had two offers of copious amounts of pink hand-me-downs.

And, to top off a day already full of excitement, Hubby got to feel Thumper move for the first time today.  Our little girl.  Kicking away inside me.

Like I said, it was a much better day.

20 thoughts on “20 week ultrasound (er…something)

  1. eeeeeeeee! this is amazing. i am so excited to hear about your little girl! my husband is also hoping for at least one girl in our duo, but i have this feeling that it may be two boys. we shall see!

    and, perhaps more importantly, i’m so glad the rest of the anatomy scan went smoothly. seeing those babies on that screen is the coolest thing in the world. and the kicks. ohhh, the kicks. it’s bliss. i’ve been feeling mine for the past month, but AE was able to feel Baby B kick for the first time about a week and a half ago. now i can feel it from the outside every day. it’s amazing. yay for healthy babies!

  2. I am so totally thrilled for you guys! A girl! Our daughters will hopefully grow-up together in the blogosphere (I hope you plan to keep sharing, but if you don’t I’ll be sad, but will respect that too). Daryl, I’ve said this before, but moments like this make me remember even more poignantly that yours was the first infertility blog I read and connected with 2 years ago. To see that you guys are here, and that I’m here too, is a beautiful example of life coming full circle in the most magical way. May our circles continue to grow and thrive! It’s all still terrifying, but the happiness is definitely overshadowing the fear these days even if I too feel like an “imposter” scouring craig’s list for baby furniture.

  3. Hooray! Hooray! Love that all the bits and pieces are looking good and yippee for the estrogen fest! Girl power!

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