Chatty McGossipqueens

I love my job, most of the time, but the agency I work for is clique-ish bizarre fucked-up interesting.  Management doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they have their favorites, letting X person work from home when her mom was sick, but denying Y the same privilege when her dad was dying.  There is no communication when someone gives notice, often leaving the rest of us to wonder aloud, “Whatever happened to so-and-so?”  Rumors fly, usually with little to no first-hand information.

We work in teams, some more cohesive than others.  I love my team, and told the core members about my pregnancy at 9 weeks.  I also told them about the move to Montreal, which they have mixed feelings about: happy for me and Hubby, but sad to see me go.  Three members of our team have been consistent for the last two and a half years, something that doesn’t happen all that often, especially with the usual revolving door of contract therapists.  The newest member of our team knew about the move but not about the pregnancy.  Or so I thought.

In the last week, three different coworkers approached me and started a conversation with the words, “I heard a rumor….”  I don’t know where the rumors started exactly.  There were a handful of people I told directly, and another few that had walked in on conversations about either the move or the pregnancy.  I’m to the point of not trying to hide the fact that I’m pregnant (not that I could, anyway), but I’m not going around shouting it from the rooftops, either.

And the truth is, I don’t actually care who knows or how they found out.  It’s probably the nature of working almost exclusively with other women.  I just think it says a lot about my place of employment.  And is one of the reasons I’ll be more than happy to leave it in December.

5 thoughts on “Chatty McGossipqueens

  1. Ugh. Gossip. Hate it. But I have found from experience that it really is unavoidable when you work with so many other women. So glad you’ll be able to escape from it soon. December! That’s not that far away! Hope time is flying for you like it is for me. 🙂

  2. Yeah, gossip sucks. And it definitely happens more often when there are more when in the office then men. I still somewhat nostalgicly long for the days of my first team where I still work. We had a great team that worked together well…ah, such were the days. These days, the larger team is a good team, but definitely more gossping and I feel much more on the out. Not that I want to be a part of the gossip…it just would be nice to feel like I belong a bit more.

    Yay for exciting stuff in life. 🙂

  3. Blech. I’m already dreading having that talk with my workplace. I like my colleagues on my direct team, but our working conditions and norms are similarly dysfunctional, and because I am managing some rather large and important projects, I feel there will be resentment at my departure. But that will come after sharing the news with others, in familial and social circles, which I am dreading just as much and have just posted about.

    I’m glad you’ll be able to leave all that behind very soon! Do you have your move to Canada finalized?

    • No! And it’s making me kind of crazy. We got several estimates and settled on a moving company, but we haven’t signed a contract yet. Hubby keeps saying he wants to wait until he gets confirmation on his work permit, but that may not come until the last minute!

  4. My office is gossipy as all get out, and we’re about 50/50 men and women. I think it’s kind of impossible to avoid, depending on the size of your organization and how much time you spend with people. Doesn’t make it any less annoying when it’s about you, though.

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