Thumper’s been very active today.  With every movement, I fall more in love.  Hubby got to feel her a couple of times today, for the first time since Monday.  Every other time, he’s just missed her by the time he gets his hand on my belly.  He asks me, “Are you sure that’s her?”  “Yes,” I say, “that’s definitely her.”  Our daughter.  It’s crazy.

Invitations to my insanely early baby shower in December went out yesterday.  Shit’s getting real.  I’ve been asking Hubby for help with the registry, but he mostly doesn’t have an opinion either way.  So I was thrilled when he picked out this, which is not only adorable but entirely appropriate for our IVF baby.

As for the move, things are progressing…slowly.  After six estimates, Hubby decided on a moving company back at the end of September, but we haven’t signed a contract yet.  He says he wants to wait until he gets confirmation on his work permit, but who knows when that’s going to happen?  And looking around the house at everything that needs to be sorted, tossed, or packed is stressing me out.  If we had a contract signed, we could at least start accumulating moving boxes (from the company, for free).

My dad called me tonight, in part to see how my French has been coming along.  He also let me know he’ll be starting his new job on Wednesday.  And, of course, no conversation with him would be complete without discussing what he’s been watching on PBS.  He cracks me up.

Unbelievably, I’ll hit the halfway mark of this pregnancy on Wednesday, too.  The consistent movement has been very reassuring, and I can’t help staring at our most recent baby pictures.  It’s a bit scary how much I love this kid already.  Because I know nothing is guaranteed.  But the hope/fear balance has shifted.  I believe a little more each day that Hubby and I will be holding (and crying over, and worrying about) our little girl in 20 or so more weeks.


10 thoughts on “Movement

  1. When I was able to feel Bubba moving, it gave me so much reassurance. He would also stop just as I got C to put his hand in place. In fact, he still does sometimes. He’ll be doing these giant belly moving rolls and when I get C’s attention, he stops. So glad you’ve hit the halfway mark!!!

  2. Your baby shower isn’t early…mine is next sunday the 17th. I’ll be 28 weeks! I just didn’t see any other option with the holidays right at the tail end of pregnancy.

  3. Yes! You have every reason to believe you will be holding your daughter in just a few more months. What a beautiful thing. (Though I thoroughly understand the fear component too.) So happy for you!

  4. I think I felt my first kick from the outside last night! Woohoo! So now I finally know what you’re talking about. As for the gossip mill at the office, argh, but if you’re as interesting via the written word as you are in real life, can you blame them? Though it IS annoying. And that onesie is adorable! Love it.

  5. How can you not fall in love and believe a little bit more that it really is real when feeling those kicks! Glad you are almost halfway there, hope all goes well with the upcoming packing and move.

  6. The movement is great. I actually miss that feeling. Congrats on hitting the halfway point.
    Also, I am totally buying that onesie.

  7. I don’t comment very often but I followed you here from babycenter when your journey began. Just wanted to let you know how happy i am for you and your hubby! So happy to see that you are having the little girl you both wanted! My heart is so happy for you guys!!!

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