A Tale of Two Baby Showers

***If you’re not in a good place–and, believe me, I know this time of year is rough–you may want to skip this one.  I remember well the time when I wanted nothing to do with baby showers.  There will be other posts on other topics.  Please, take care of yourself first.

It’s still a little surreal to me that, at 24 weeks, I’ve had not one, but two baby showers held in Thumper’s and my honor.  It doesn’t seem possible that, in a little over 15 weeks, we’re actually going to need all the stuff we’ve accumulated in the past week or so.  For a baby.  Who’s going to be our responsibility.

I’m not big on asking people to buy us stuff, but let’s face it, there are things Thumper’s going to need upon her arrival, and Hubby and I don’t have a lot of extra cash lying around to purchase all those things, even second-hand.  So we’ll take what we can get, and if that happens to involve an afternoon of chatting, indulging in a few too many sweets, and showing off our beautiful ultrasound pictures, so be it.

Shower #1: December 7, 2013

This was my “work” shower.  Which they wouldn’t actually let me have at work.  Bastards.  It used to be that every pregnant lady got a shower after a staff meeting, which meant pretty much everyone in our department attended.  Then things got all wonky, policies were changed, and baby showers were sort of hit-or-miss.  A couple of years ago, we had one during work hours (I think it was still right after a staff meeting), but at a coworker’s house because the higher-ups told us we couldn’t do it on the premises.  Then, a few months later, we had another baby shower back at the office, with everyone in attendance, just like the good ole days.  The following summer, one of my coworkers ended up going into labor a month early and never got a shower at all.

I wouldn’t have had a work baby shower either if my work friend J hadn’t asked our supervisor about it.  And then she was told we couldn’t do it at the office or during work hours.  So she hosted it at her house on a Saturday.

As a result, a total of 6 people showed up.  I was still grateful for those six and the gifts they bestowed upon Thumper, but I felt like I got screwed.  Especially since I’ve worked for this agency for over five years.  My immediate supervisor not only showed up, but she baked a cake.  But the boss lady above her?  Not so much.  And they wonder why people leave feeling unappreciated.

The following week, I did get a couple of other presents from people who couldn’t make it out to J’s house.  I also got a lot of “Sorry I couldn’t make it”s.  Whatever.  Let’s just say I’m not super stoked about having to stay at my job for another month after the way things have been going lately.

Okay, I sound like an ungrateful bitch, but it really was a nice shower.  No games involved (yay!), just friendly conversation, good food, chocolate cake, and a few gifts.  Low key.  Just the way I like it.

Shower #2: December 14, 2013

Another shower I didn’t think I’d get.  But my friend G surprised me by offering to throw us a baby shower before our move to Montreal.  Sincerity and another friend, A, also pitched in.  Again, it was small (intimate?), but Hubby was invited to this one, and he wanted to attend.  It was supposed to be co-ed, but other than A’s 8-month-old, Hubby ended up being the only dude there.

The setting was cozy on a chilly day–A’s house in a rural town outside of the city.  There was hot apple cider on the stove and cranes grazing in the field behind her house.

G was adamant about having games.  My only stipulation was that there not be any involving melted candy bars in diapers or baby food taste-tests.  So they were more along the lines of guessing games and don’t-say-the-b-word.  It was fun.

This shower was mostly made up of former coworkers from when I worked at a school for children with hearing impairment.  Hubby was able to hang right in there, since he knew everyone, up until we started talking about former students/parents–a kind of Where Are They Now? for those of us not still in the loop.  Then I could see his eyes kind of glaze over.  The saving grace was that he was highly entertained by A’s baby, whom he kept offering to hold.  Adorable.

By the time we were loading up the car with gifts, the moon was up and cranes were trilling overhead, flying in V formation to wherever it is they sleep at night.  It was a lovely afternoon.

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Baby Showers

  1. Though I’ve been a terrible commenter, wanted to let you know I’ve been reading and cheering you, Hubs and Thumper on (commenting from smartphones is a bit difficult). Congratulations on hitting 24 weeks!!! And I’m so glad you got both these showers, though I agree the work one would have been a bit of a bummer considering the history.

    Wishing lots of luck with the move. Montreal is beautiful and McGill is a great institution.

  2. I’m sorry you feel like you got screwed with the work shower (I would, too), but so glad that you still had two nice showers…and, most importantly, that you have a reason for a baby shower at all. The next 15 weeks are going to fly by…enjoy them!

  3. I too can’t stand the idea of dirty diaper shower games. Ugh! I told my stepmom that games were ok, so long as there were no dirty diapers. And then she went on to tell me about one and I had to vehemently say “no!”. LOL

    Glad you had a good time, even if the work one was a bit disappointing.

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