28 weeks

At 28 weeks 3 days, I am now firmly in the 3rd trimester, no matter who you ask.  (By the way, why is there not one standard answer as to when each trimester begins?  Can it really be that difficult to divide 40 weeks by 3?)  Anyway.  I had my 28 week appointment with the midwife this week, who was pleasantly surprised to see me, considering I was supposed to be in Montreal by now.  I explained the situation, and she suggested we just continue to schedule appointments (every two weeks now) until I know for sure when we’re leaving, at which point she will give me copies of my medical records (again).

The good thing about staying here an extra month or so is that I was able to cross the 28-ish week items off my list without worrying about having to find a provider in a new country.  I did my glucose screening at the end of December, and according to the midwife, my results were “perfect.”  (With my family history and my crazy sweet tooth this whole pregnancy, I was convinced otherwise, so that was a relief.)  I was also given the tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis vaccination.

When it came time for the RhoGAM injection, the nurse warned me it would have to be in my butt.  “No problem,” I said.  “I’m totally used to it after what we went through to get this far.”  She didn’t seem to understand, so I explained further: “We did IVF.”

“Oh,” she said, nodding (but obviously still not really getting it).  “Is that artificial?  You know, where they take the egg and the sperm…” and she continued by making a gesture with her hands indicating the two being pushed together.

I tried my hardest not to cringe at the word “artificial” and answered as diplomatically as I could.  “Well, conception happened in the lab.”  She went on to tell me about a coworker who was my age, going through a divorce (her second, apparently), and still had no children.  And how she had suggested doing “artificial” whatever…she didn’t even know what to call it.

You guys, this is a nurse.  In an OB’s office.  And she had no clue.  How many patients has she interacted with?  How many who underwent ART of some kind?  I can’t even.  I have no words.

Other than that awkwardness, things continue to go well.  Except that my pubic bone is trying its hardest to separate completely.  The last few weeks it has audibly popped when I’ve changed positions to get more comfortable on the couch or attempted to get out of bed.  So that’s fun.

This week, my belly (which you can see here) seems to have grown from Monday, when my work friend J said, “I was expecting it to be bigger after not seeing you for two weeks,” to Friday, when all anyone could talk about what how big I was getting.

I’m starting to feel Thumper moving in multiple places at once, like the other night when I was feeling hiccups down low, near my left hip bone, and little kicks higher up on my right side, at the same time.  That was the same night I dreamed she was born through an envelope-like opening in the skin of my belly, scratching and clawing her way out.  She was also born with fangs and almost immediately began to talk, which, according to J, is very similar to one of the Twi.light movies, something I have never had the slightest inclination to watch.  So that was weird.

I’m also still dealing with the bureaucracy of Medicaid.  I should have had an answer by now, but instead, they keep sending me letters saying they need more information.  And when I call to see how much longer this might take, no one answers or returns my calls.  If I didn’t really need the help paying my medical bills, I would just throw in the towel, which I’m sure is why they do things this way.  Just to frustrate those who would try to defraud the system.  But it sucks for those of us who are just trying to get by.

I guess that about wraps up this long-winded update.  My next appointment will be at 30 weeks.  Hopefully Medicaid will get their shit together before then.  And I really hope I don’t get that same well-meaning-but-completely-ignorant nurse again.


14 thoughts on “28 weeks

  1. That nurse? Um…she is in serious need of some education! Or a swift kick in the behind. You know. Whatever works. 😉 And sorry about Medicaid. We had to be on Medicaid when I was expecting Cupcake and it was a big, fat headache. Lots of luck with that! And Happy 3rd Tri!

    • Thanks, Cassie! I’ve done everything Medicaid has asked, and they keep turning around and asking for more. I guess it’s a good thing we’re still here to deal with that headache as well. I can’t imagine having to do this from Canada!

  2. Wow. I am embarrassed for that nurse. How can she not even have a tiny bit of knowledge of ART?
    Glad to hear everything is going well with Thumper.

  3. I would seriously place a call to your midwife or the nurses supervisor. Her lack of knowledge is not only sad, but her unprofessional sim could REALLY hurt or offend someone! It needs to be brought to a supervisors attention. I’m sorry about Medicaid, we’ve dealt with that BS as well. As much as it sucks I have found the best luck of going to a DSHS office and making sure that all their questions get answered so you aren’t stressing about how long it takes for them to process the paperwork. Which I was told once that (my local office) was so behind that it would be months beforehand info was imputed! Getting it done in person sucks because of the 2 hour+ wait, but the relief is worth it!!!

    • I actually applied in person, with some of the paperwork they now want me to turn in–only they never asked for it in person! It’s just super frustrating.

  4. I’m thinking the same as BleedingTulip, call the office of the place the nurse is at and tell them they need their staff better informed! Come on, this isn’t 20-30 years ago when ART was brand new and we had test tube babies. *snork*

    Glad to hear all else is going great!

  5. I think I might have physically assaulted that nurse. Lucky for you she didn’t end up giving you a lecture about “artificial” babies being sinful or something!

  6. Congrats on being in the third trimester! That nurse sounds terrible. She needs some education & some advice about how to be more sensitive. When I started my OB appointments, one of the receptionists was trying to set up my NT scan over the phone. She saw that I had an “IUI date” listed next to my due date, and shouted (so everyone, including waiting patients) could hear, “What’s an IUI????” I wanted to punch her. At least she was just the receptionist though. Nurses should know better.
    Glad all is going well!

  7. I’m totally picturing the nurse making the sex hand gesture that you might have made when you were 10, with her index finger going into a hole made by her other hand. That’s essentially how ignorant she is.

  8. Wow, what an uneducated nurse! One would think she had at least some knowledge about ART.
    Happy third trimester, hope it will be gentle on you. Great milestone to be at, feeling those kicks and movements.

  9. Your nurse sounds awesomely stupid. Like c’mon! OF COURSE THEY TEACH ABOUT ART IN NURSING SCHOOL. They have to, right!? If they don’t, I’m scared for the medical profession. As for your medicare nonsense, I am frustrated and angry for you. Why is everything always so difficult!?

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