Decisions and Deal-breakers

When Hubby first started internet-dating, he had a very specific list of deal-breakers, regardless of how nice/charming/sexy a prospective date might be: no facial piercings (other than ears), no visible tattoos, nothing too weird or too “flashy.”  Good thing I’m totally plain-looking, I guess. When it comes to finding a place to live, he also […]

Almost There

We’re officially in Canada!! We crossed the border this morning, turned in all our paperwork to make it official, and spent a lovely afternoon with a nice Canadian couple, one of Hubby’s advisors on his dissertation and his wife. We’ve stopped for the night just outside Toronto, so we still have quite a drive ahead […]

Lucky #7?

Today marks 7 weeks until my due date.  7 weeks!?? It’s also 7 days until we move (that’s counting today–the movers will be here on the 18th). Holy major life changes, Batman! We’re steadily crossing things off the to-do list, but man, it’s a lot. Thumper I had a prenatal appointment today (I was supposed […]

Imagining a Life

It’s official.  Hubby’s work permit was finally approved today.  Four months and one day after he applied for it. This is huge news because it means we can start moving forward again.  We can reschedule the movers.  We can pay the last few days’ worth of rent we’ll owe our landlady.  We can resume the […]

The Last Monday

This week is going to be a week of lasts.  It’s my final week of work before moving to Canada and (hopefully many weeks afterward) bringing Thumper home. For various reasons, three out of my five scheduled home visits decided to cancel today.  I was able to reschedule two of them for later in the […]