Almost There

We’re officially in Canada!!

We crossed the border this morning, turned in all our paperwork to make it official, and spent a lovely afternoon with a nice Canadian couple, one of Hubby’s advisors on his dissertation and his wife.

We’ve stopped for the night just outside Toronto, so we still have quite a drive ahead of us tomorrow, but we should arrive in Montreal by the afternoon.

It’s exciting and surreal, and we still have a lot of items to check off our to-do list, but we’re getting there.


6 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. How far outside Toronto? Wish I’d known…if you were comfortable staying at a veritable stranger’s house we have a lovely guestroom and a beagle who loves to cuddle. At least you’ll have good weather for your drive tomorrow, it’s supposed to be sunny and (relatively) warm. And as long as we win the gold medal in men’s hockey tomorrow morning, everyone should be in a very friendly mood to greet you! Welcome to Canada!

    • Thanks Aramis! I considered getting in touch with you to meet up, but I knew we’d be making another stop, and I just really want to get there!!! I’m sure Buddy’s delightful, but we’ve got our cats with us, and I know Audrey can be a bully, even with dogs many times her size. I’m hoping we’ll have other opportunities to meet up soon!

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